Friday, May 28, 2010

favorite things friday

1. baseball games. go rockies!
(let it be known that i have a special place in my heart for concession stand food)

2. mason jars. i find an excuse to use them for anything. glasses, vases, cupcake holders, storage, candle holders, and at the wedding this past weekend they were hung from trees with sand and candles inside. adorable!

3. when my items make the front page of etsy! if only i hadn't been at a bootcamp and disconnected from the internet. i didn't get to see it in all it's front page glory! the myetsy tab on facebook featured it on my page for me. awesome! :)

4. when anna maria fabric goes on sale. head on over to  the fabric worm to check it out. 

5. Geninne's Art Blog. Chase gave me one of her prints for our anniversary (the one with two birds wearing winter hats) and i just found her blog last week and subscribed to it. She is so DANG creative & just flat out talented....and she mostly paints birds! whoop haha
 (photo property of geninne's etsy shop)

6. multi-strand necklaces. they're so fun! get some bright colors and pair with a white tank and some linen pants...perfect for summer!
(this is one is by R.J. Graziano and can be purchased here in some wonderful colors) 
 that's all!! what are some of your favorite things this week? :)



  1. Love that necklace and all of the colors it comes in! :)

  2. what beautiful favorite things!
    can i express my adoration for the bird print? it is just too cute to be real. they are wearing little winter hats! precious.
    i am in love with this beautiful summer clutch (that just sold yesterday, 5 hours after i found it!) oh well
    cest la vie!
    and i am also loving your headband
    hope you have a marvelous day.
    p.s. love your blog!

  3. Yay for making the front page!! I love, love, love mason jars. My sis is pregnant and naming her little boy Mason. I used lots of mason jars at the shower--so fun.

  4. in agreement with most of all the things on your list - esp. gennine's art (love her!), the coral necklaces and yay for making the etsy front page. :)

  5. LOVE Friday favorites!! Your headband is so very very cute :)

  6. The necklace is gorgeous. Congrats on your Etsy feature!

    Laura @ along for the ride

  7. I totally need some more mason jars in my life.. For holding buttons, flowers, whatever!! Congrats on the front page etsy feature girl, so awesome!! And yes, you should def join in on miscellany monday next week! This post is similar to it hehe! :)

  8. i just recently came across that bird print - it's so charming! i'm also a huge fan of going to baseball games with my hubs... it's a perfect summertime activity :)

  9. Aw, you are cute!! And I la-la-love that necklace!!

  10. all cute stuff! :)

    & it's nice to meet a fellow Rockies fan!! i will be going to a game soon! :) yay!!!


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