Monday, May 10, 2010

make SEVEN gifts with HALF a yard of fabric!!!

hi, my name is kim and i hoard fabric. i used to buy it in whole yards, and i realized that half a yard is more bang for my buck.

here's my problem, though. i see fabric that is on sale and think, "this would be a great clutch! i'll only buy half a yard so i can buy two (or three...or four) different prints" so i buy & receive my fabric. i make the clutch out of it and store the rest never to be used again. 

until now! my new goal is to use up all or most of the half yard when i receive it so i'm actually using what i buy! what a novel idea...using what you buy. hm.

this was my first go at it and i made ALL OF THIS (plus a business card holder i forgot to put in there) with one HALF yard of fabric...

...and MINIMAL scraps left over. see? that's it!

(oh, hey blur)

*note that the interfacing, contrasting fabric, fleece, insulbrite, pearl snaps, and a brooch pin were also used*

(the fabric is Kaffe Fassett Silhouette Duck Egg that i got from pink chalk fabrics for 2 bucks!! that's it)

before (fold is on the left):
 after drawing/laying everything out :
after cutting everything out:

the top strip made the handles of the tote...i forgot to make wristlet straps for the clutches. oopsies.

going clockwise from there: two coffee cuffs, two clutches, tote bag, business card/gift card holder.
and the finished products:

coffee cuffs

business card/gift card holder (tutorial here)

tote bag (blurry...sorry)

rosette brooch
...that you can put on a clutch, tote, headband, tshirt, hat, anything!!

so, there ya go! seven gifts from half a yard of fabric! get 'ta sewing!!!

oh!  i made this a couple of weeks ago and picked it up this weekend. 
are you shocked that it is robins egg blue and yellow??? i never use that color scheme ;)

and another shock...its already becoming filled with odds & ends.

happy monday. hope its lovely!! we are driving to grand junction tonight to pick up our friends from texas and eat at chic fil a! :) whoop.



  1. One of my favorite blog posts.
    I really really want to learn how to make those cute coffee cuffs. Could you do a tutorial of those PLEASE?

    AND LOVE the sweet little sew dish!


  2. Just bought a hard of olive fabric with lovebirds on it for a boppy pillow cover. You better be getting excited! :)

  3. LOVE this! way to go using up every inch of that half yard! I'm impressed...

  4. you are SO amazingly creative, girl! plus i love that fabric you picked out.

    have a lovely monday! :)

  5. Wow, you are so resourceful! Great job using up that fabric. Do you use bluprints (or whatever they're called...I am so NOT sewing-savvy!) or do you make them up as you go?

    LOVE the clutch!

  6. thanks, pretty ladies!

    natalie: i usually make them up as i go! the coffee cuff is a pattern i made that i have to use or else its not the right size

  7. Oh my word, this post is adorable. I love love love the clutch you made it is just so cute. When I was in middle school I was really interested in sewing and I made a great deal of purses out of old bluejean denim. It's been a while since I picked up the needle other than to sew on a button that fell off. I should get back into it!
    Thanks for this post. I loved it. So crafty.

  8. omg you are sooo creative!! i want to go home and make all of these! you don't even understand how many half yarders i have! thanks for the lovely inspiration!

  9. Wow! I am so impressed. I have to say, I never used up fabric in one sitting like that. Good for you! I do keep every little scrap and think eventually I will use them in some fashion.

    I LOVE your little "sew" bowl. It is adorable!

  10. ohhhh chic-fil-a... the things you miss when you've lived out of the states for soo long!

  11. That clutch rocks! It's a GOOD thing that you hoard fabric!

  12. I want all of these! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. Just stumbled upon your blog and spent 5 hours of my night going through all your posts. You are simply incredible and talented. This post is one of my favorites. Now that I am half asleep, I am unsure if you had tutorials up for the clutch and coffee cuff? I absolutely love the clutch and would love to see if you had a tutorial on it. Either way, thank you so much for posting. I cannot wait to try it out.

    1. i sell the coffee cuffs, so i don't offer a tutorial for that. however, the clutch is the same process as this biz card holder ( use a piece of paper as your template for size. good luck!

  14. What are the dimensions of everything so I can do this?


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