Wednesday, May 12, 2010

meet Gussy!

so a sponsor of this little ol' blog, Gussy, has agreed to answer some questions so y'all can get to know her and her adorable business a little better! make sure to check out her shop & blog. you won't be disappointed!! 

personally, i'm drooling over this laptop bag and have entered no less than 5 giveaways trying to snag a gift certificate to go towards one.

and these checkbook covers? just lovely.

Who is Gussy & Where are you based?

Gussy is a girl that learned how to sew about 18 months ago (completley self-taught). Until recently, I've done all the buying, sewing, selling, advertising and blogging myself. Just recently I hired an assistant to help with packaging and other small tasks. We are based out of Minneapolis, MN.

What inspires you?
Anything that makes me feel good: a cold glass of lemonade, an afternoon outside spent enjoying the beautiful weather, bright colors, fun prints, my friends. I love seeing a color and being able to incorporate it into a new project.

What got you started?
Honestly, just a love for the sewing and handmade trades. I wanted to learn so I sat down one evening with about 30 library books and I just got started. Some times it would be very frustrating so I was sure to take a little break. (Breaks are always good.) But the way I feel when I iron a pretty cut of fabric, or the way my sewing machine sings to me as I sew -- amazing feedback from customers or blog readers, these things keep me going :]

How long have you been doing your "handmade" business?
I started sewing in November 2008, branded my products in March 2009, and as of May 14, 2010 I'll be working exclusively on Gussy. I recently put in my 2-weeks notice at my day job {yeow!}.

What's been the best part about this whole journey?
Feeling alive! Sewing and being my own boss is something I NEVER envisioned myself doing. And, I truly love it :] Knowing that even though we must work to pay bills and "live", I go to work daily and never feel like it's something I have to do. It's an amazing blessing the LORD has given me and my husband.

Any advice for beginning handmade businesses?
Do not hesitate to start something new or try something new. Spend a lot of time investigating, asking who, what, where, why, why. Teach yourself as much as you can. Use the internet (YouTube for tutorials), read blogs, checkout books from the library. Surround yourself with people that will life you up and listen when things get tough. And find your backbone. Trying to communicate online can be very difficult :] Most of all, allow your passion for your business drive you to learn and succeed.


thanks Maggie! :)

go here & leave Gussy some lovin'! and snag some ruffled goodies while you're at it.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love that laptop bag! Your blog is adorable.

  2. maggy is such a sweetheart and i am sooo glad she decided to take on the endeavor of going gussy full time! i actually won some her clutches in a giveaway and i think the quality is perfect!! the fabrics she uses are soo beautiful too! your soo lucky she is one of your sponsors!

  3. I ♥ Maggie. Glad to see her over here at Yellow Songbird.


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