Tuesday, May 4, 2010


so thanks for all the concern & encouragement last week. y'all don't know how much i appreciated it and how much it made my heart smile to know that complete strangers are praying for me and sending me truth & encouragement. 

update: everything is better. i'm not as hormonal. my shop picked up (finally). i have lots of things to look forward to (like a complete blog overhaul! gasp.) i gained perspective. i gave up trying to not cry and just let it all out. spent some quality time with some wonderful women in my life. basically....the funk is kicked. boom.

i don't have anything else to say or show you today. 

except for this. i don't remember how i found this, but it has got to be one of the coolest themes i've ever seen. if/when i have a baby and you are the one throwing me a shower....please let it look like the following. i promise i'll act surprised (is that rude? oh well.)

off to make a mother's day gift and a few dresses! 



  1. hey, girl! i appreciated your honesty in last week's post. sometimes we all have days like that. i'm glad to hear that you are having a better day today. :) btw, yes - i am loving the color combo in these baby shower theme. orange and teal is the best!

  2. You better have this blog for a while so I can track down that baby shower thing. Holy smokes. :)

  3. Hi Kim! I am glad you are feeling better. I have those bad days, too. Sometimes for days at a time...it is ok. Sometimes you need to just let yourself feel just the way you feel. :)

    I LOVE the orange and aqua combo! I of course I love aqua with anything!


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