Monday, May 17, 2010

here i am!

whoa! hello! didn't mean to disappear for the past few days...we had friends in town and spent some lovely time with them! 

we went to crested butte to mountain bike on thursday. it was snowing and cold, but we (allison and i) toughed it out for as long as we could. i hit a snow bank, my bike got stuck, and fell down a hill hitting head & shoulder first (don't feel sorry for me, it was funny and i was not injured). after that i was pretty much done. we peaced out and got a much deserved coffee at camp 4.

 ((jon & allison on the left, us on the right))

on friday i nannied for both of the families i work for and then had to do last minute baby shower stuff! it was quite a busy busy day.

ari's baby shower was saturday and was so fun. i loved every second of it, despite the rsvp'd no shows. that's always a bummer, right? oh well, i'm over it and chase was very happy with leftover cookies, cupcakes, and greek appetizers. 

here are a few photos from the shower!

cupcakes in a jar inspired by this post from ruby ellen. they turned out so cute! :)

awesome greek appetizers (ari's family is greek!)

i made these for the nursery and put them in this rad stroller! whoop for large items with no wrapping required :) (i'm hoping they're done having kids by the time we decide to go for that so the stroller can be passed down haha)

for decorations, we had bunting flags (duh)

a few homemade poms

 & lots of balloons
(here is the mom to be with her sweet momma!)

ari, myself, ali. you girls have made living in a frozen tundra so worth it.

all the hostesses with the mommy to be!

now this week i am nannying, making a wedding dress, a graduation dress, and HEADED TO TEXAS!!!!  on wednesday. now, if you will excuse me, i need some Jesus time before i begin this hectic hectic (but exciting) week!

i would also like to add that yesterday i went mountain biking with my husband and got sunburned. later i tried to take a nap, but couldn't and decided to also go on a road bike ride (i ate a lot this weekend). something flew into my jacket and i reached in and it buzzed and stung me on its way out. i'd say it was a bee. the stinger was in my finger and i feel like you aren't supposed to grab it and pull it out but i was NOT about to ride 2.5 more miles home with a stinger in my whole right arm was already throbbing. 

my fingers are swollen. the end.




  1. Tissue poms make every event better! I love the dress you are wearing. so cute.

  2. thanks! i made the skirt, sash, and top! :)

  3. Oh, thanks for sharing your sweet weekend pics with us! Looks like a wonderful time!

  4. Ouch! I love the colors for the shower.

  5. aw that looks like so much fun! love the bunting and poms! and the cupcakes in a jar is such a cute idea!

  6. I look ginormous! Blahhhh

  7. ari. omg no you don't. you are 8 months pregnant & look beautiful.

  8. Wow what a weekend! The party looks beautiful!

    I hope your hectic week goes well. Hope it's full of blessings!

  9. What a great shower!!! =) Oh, and I would have pulled the stinger out too! Crazy bugs.

  10. i LOVELOVE the cupcakes in the jars. i saw that on cakies too - i might attempt them this summer. :)

  11. Whose wedding dress are you making?
    That sounds exciting!

  12. anonymous: its a secret until after the wedding :) its super exciting and its coming together really well! :)

  13. Kim you are ridiculously cute these days! Kills me! ha ha! :) Let me know when you start making baby clothes!! love!

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