Friday, June 4, 2010

favorite things friday

1. toms wedges!! they made their debut this week and you better believe i JUMPED down the stairs to go get my wallet! I bought the mint green ones, not so functional, but SO CUTE! and one for one! best deal ever, a needy kid gets a pair of shoes, and i get these. boom. check 'em all out here.
2. sundried tomato basil wheat thins. have you tried these? your life will change.
3. this bag from gussy. do you read her blog? do you follow her on twitter? she's SUPER creative, sassy, entertaining, and full of wisdom! and who can pass up those ruffles?

i love this cute bag...and its for an ipad, so i guess i need one of those too? ha. yeah right.
4.  this awesome wall art from lisa at my little buffalo etsy shop! 
she's making us a texas & colorado one and i'm so excited! (trading for one of them, jackpot) 

5. michael miller's new fabric line, hedgehog & the big e. the colors are like my life color scheme. love it all. you better believe it will be on my farmer's market table!

on monday i have a really fun DIY project for you. get pumped! hope your weekend is splendid.



  1. OMG, I love the TOMS shoes!!!!! I have a pair of regular yellow ones, might have to get these ones now.

  2. i didn't know tom's has pump now -- CUTE! i still need to get a regular pair of toms.. i hear they're so comfy & what a great cause!

    i adore lisa's wood art! maybe i should ask her to make a michigan one for me...

  3. uhoh. why did you have to post those mint green toms?! i really really really want them.

    such a good find!

  4. i keep seeing these tom wedges all over the web, now i know it's because they debuted this week! ok, now i want a pair too, haha!! look at you, you should go into sales, you keep selling these things to me haha! have a great weekend! xo

  5. Thanks for sharing the debut of TOMS wedges, I just ordered my pair for this Summer! This will be my fifth pair, I love TOMS!!! :D

  6. Those wedges are adorable!

    p.s. I'm in Houston now, you asked where in Texas I was heading. I'm from there. My parents graduated from A&M. :)

  7. Loving the wall art from little buffalo! so pretty! took me some time to understand its a map though :) but checked her other wall arts at her shop and they are such a beautiful ones!

  8. those toms heels are too cute! i also am a lover of gussy and have a wishlist a mile long and it keeps growing!!! i love the owl fabric and also now have your custom order only owls on my want list!

  9. Yeah, the TOMS wedges are so cute! And I love anything with an Oregon logo on it, I'm off to her Etsy shop to check it out! I want some kind of cute Oregon coaster or something as a favor at my wedding (at McMenamins Edgefield, very Oregon!)


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