Tuesday, June 22, 2010

getting ready...

it's almost here! saturday is the first farmer's market so there's lots of busy-bodying around here.

i've been making coffee cuffs...

pricing & tagging...

trying to fill up the clothing rack....
making bags...
 rosette necklaces...
  some bunting flags...
and, as always...making a huge mess. (can i get an amen?)
i've got a kajillion headbands made so we're good there!

today i'm doing some mock set-ups of the table. it's going to have a candy shop/ bakery feel. fun stuff, friends :) can't wait to show you the final result!


here is round one of the table set up! feedback welcomed & appreciated.



  1. AMEN! ahh, the mess always drives me crazy and sometimes keeps me from being very productive. Looks like you have been VERY productive lately! your things are really darling :)

  2. Your craftiness blows me away. I couldn't do ANY of that, but I love seeing other people get their craft on! Everything looks great so far.

  3. I love how colorful everything is! I can't wait to see pics of the booth.

  4. Hi Kim! I did receive you package and did a little post about it awhile back! Thank you so much for checking! I just love the headband!


  5. i love our craftiness and would love to be so talented. i see some owls on your table-so cute! :)
    ps-perhaps a fresh vase of flowers in the top right corner of the table? i dunno? or if your theme is candy shoppe maybe a candy dish or wrapped candies? Looks really cute though and I don't think I'd change anything otherwise it would be too busy. :)

  6. It looks great! I LOVE the two bags you have pictured!

  7. daaaaang girl, you are just so talented. looks like you've been busy! everything is so lovely!! have fun at the market - hope you sell lots of swag!!

  8. I love all of the fun, colorful fabrics that you use! Makes me happy just to look at them. :-)

  9. I just found your blog and absolutely adore it! All of your creations are beautiful, right down to your pretty tags.

  10. your setup looks sooo great and all the items you made are soo cute! LOVE your fabric choices and the bunting!!

  11. Looks awesome...I so wish we had a Farmers' Market like that around here!

  12. ooh you're tags are so adorable!! great bags too, so fun!

  13. I just discovered your blog today and I LOVE it! You are so talented. I love the bright colors of everything, so FUN! Those rosette necklaces are really cute and so are your tags.

    Good luck at your farmers market this weekend! :)

  14. i love your stuff. so colorful. come to boston?


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