Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i've always wanted to look like a chrysanthemum

ok, so i LOVE i love lucy. i used to watch it growing up....i'm not sure what it is about old tv shows (andy griffith, happy days, leave it to beaver), but they were always my favorite. maybe thats because we didn't have nickelodeon and disney channel weren't options haha

anyways, i turned it on the other day when we had some friends in town and i was laughing SO. HARD at this episode. definitely my favorite of all time, perhaps i can relate a little too well? we've all had sewing mishaps like this one. and if you haven't....whatever, i don't believe you!

my favorite part:
"i guess when i cut out my dress, i cut out a little too deep"

totally something i would do.

watch and giggle :)


yesterday was a great day. i was super productive and got caught up on housework & some new designs for the shop. here's one of them!
(( the allie clutch. ))

chase brought me home this little gift that made my heart to a little flutter...mostly because i almost bought it at the grocery store and decided against it. he's too good to me :)

i took a walk down to the river and it was lovely :)

made several sales, which always boosts my spirits

and finally, last night we had a lovely pic-nic outside.

baked chicken (i hate the way baked chicken sticks to my teeth) with garlic powder, salt, pepper, & oregano from my herb garden (best hostess gift ever)/fresh veggies with olive oil & paremesan/whole wheat (hey fiber!) linguine with fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, s&p, and parmesan.

so yummy! i rarely make things without a recipe, but you can't go wrong with fresh herbs & spices!

happy wednesday! i can't believe it's june second! eee, dad's birthday is tomorrow! anyone wanna fly me down to texas? hmm? hmm?



  1. As you know from my tweet, I LOVE Lucy. :) That clip is just too funny! We borrowed some episodes from a friend and I've been watching them during lunchtime.

    The funny thing? The sweetheart can't stand Lucy!

    P.S. Those clutches are just adorable!

  2. hahha thanks for posting the clip! Loved it! :)
    Love what you've sewn! Too cute!

  3. i love lucy too!! =) the allie clutch is adorable and that picnic looks delicious!!! i totally want to go on a picnic with my hubby someday - it just needs to stop raining!!

  4. What a great day! The clutch it too cute!

  5. looks yummy! it's so fun using herbs from your own garden when you cook!


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