Tuesday, June 29, 2010

making progress & miscellany

so i finally cut the pieces out for my quilt. making progress slowly, but surely. it's a start, right?

chase caught this fishy last week & we ate it for dinner. yum.

took this photo of a columbine at the cabin in almont. 

and i made a tunic last night that i'm super proud of. i rarely make things for myself that i LOVE. i even wore it to the grocery store last night to get oreos haha..until i shower and get a picture of it on me, here's a teaser.

it's made from anna maria horner's solid voile. so soft! 
((an aggie can wear burnt orange if she wants to.))

speaking of anna maria horner, my sweet memaw sent me an article about her in the mail. it pretty much made my day when i opened it today!

happy tuesday.



  1. lovely pictures :) i thought about ordering those TOMS, I just might have to!! you make them looks so cute!

    can't wait for my headband, ps!!

  2. ohhh can't wait to see your finished quilt!! love the picture of the pink/yellow flower you took, SO PRETTY!!! and yes, pics of your tunic please!!

  3. Yes, cutting out is a good start and you are miles ahead of me! I have had fabric picked out for my first quilt for years but haven't started cutting yet!

    Love your pics! Have you checked out www.WeAllSew.com yet to see what other stitchers are making and sharing?

  4. okay..to be honest i am DYING from pics and stories about the farmer's market. spill the beans! details? please? with a cherry on top?


  5. from the color, texture (and ruffles) i can tell i'm going to love that blouse! can't wait to see it in its entirety!

  6. I love the colors! Good start.
    I love the picture of the flower.


  7. Love the fabric cut, love fresh fish, love flowers, love your blog! Newest follower here!

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