Wednesday, June 16, 2010

me in threes on a thursday

a few weeks ago, sandy from tagged me in her “Me in 3s” post.  it’s my turn to answer the questions (in 3s of course) and then tag 3 people.  Here are my threeees!

3 Names I go by:
Kimmy (my daddy calls me this. if you add "gibler" to the end i'll punch you)
miss kim (to my cuties i nanny)

3 Places I have been:
New Zealand
Togo (West Africa)

3 Favorite Drinks:
Dr. Pepper
Sweet Tea
White Chocolate Mocha

3 Jobs I have had:
sales associate (fossil, retail therapy, corner cupboard)
camp counselor (deer creek camp)

3 TV Shows I watch:
LOST (does that still count?)
The City
Law & Order: SVU

3 Places I would like to visit:
New York City

3 Fave retro TV shows:
I Love Lucy
Happy Days
Leave it to Beaver

3 Places I have lived:
Celina, Texas
College Station, Texas
Gunnison, Colorado

3 favorite dishes:
Chicken Tikka & Naan
Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas (only homemade or in Texas)
Memaw's Chicken Fried Steak 

3 things I am looking forward to:
Going overseas to teach english
Moving to Boulder
Spending our 2nd anniversary in a tropical paradise :)

3 People I am tagging:
tiny twig

meg's musings



  1. how fun! YES of course LOST still counts! fans are fans. :)

  2. fun, fun, fun! thanks for tagging me kim, i'll get on this soon!

    p.s. i am super jealous you've been to new zealand! you've visited some pretty amazing places!!

  3. fun! I just love your blog!

  4. yay - so glad you decided to join in! it was great to learn more about you! so jealous that you've been to new zealand and west africa, so cool! maybe we could meet up in australia and sew along the great barrier reef or in the sydney opera house??? i LOVE chicken tikka masala and garlic naan too... i'm going to be doing a chicken tikka masala recipe post soon!!! =)

  5. just found your blog -- love it!! i tagged Sandy in this.. and thus, now found you :)

    xo, your newest follower

  6. these lists are always so much fun!! how funny that you've been to new zealand and want to go to australia...and it's the opposite for me :) and yes to starbucks - what would i do without it!!

    glad to hear you're down for the alphabet walk blog hop!!

  7. I went to Togo once. I loved it. But then again, I'm from Nigeria (West Africa).
    This was interesting.


  8. where are you headed for anniversary #2? I didn't get a tropical one until #5 and that's b/c we were living here!! :)

  9. what unique places you have been to, very very cool.


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