Tuesday, June 1, 2010


hope you had a wonderful (3-day) memorial day weekend. ours was rough...

chase & i got food poisoning on saturday evening and spent the night with mr. ceramic bowl. literally, the WHOLE night. i'll spare you details.

however, it was a blessing in disguise, i tell you. we got to spend every second together, pouting, moaning, and drinking lots of gatorade. i wish every time one of us got sick, the other did too (sounds like an awful thing to say haha). we camped out on the couch with lots of blankets and law & order: svu. lots of cuddle time...i just wish vomiting hadn't been involved.

so after a weekend in texas, a couple of days in denver, and then spending the weekend sick, the house is a wreck, i'm behind on orders, and the grocery store is beckoning. i also HAVE to start my english teaching certification course this week. (did you know we're going overseas to teach english in august? now you do.) yikes!



  1. WHERE are you teaching?!?!?!?!

    please say korea... PLEASE!

  2. hello friend.
    goodness gracious! i hope you are both feeling better.
    it is awful to be sick, but i am glad you didn't have to go it alone!(: that's the worst, and you got some cuddle time. silver lining! (:
    hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. wow! that is so cool...the teaching overseas part, not the food poisoning part. glad your feeling better to start this short week.

  4. aww what a weekend to be sick! at least you had a snuggle buddy to get through it with :) whereabout are you going to teach?? we have some friends teaching in columbia right now, and my sister is going to go abroad to teach in the fall. that will be a great experience!


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