Friday, July 30, 2010

favorite things friday & a farewell

1. skype.

2. getting dressed up for sweet weddings

3. pedicures

4. warm weather & hanging out poolside 

5. familiar faces & time precious family

6. hair cuts

7. mexican food

8. impromptu reunions with dear friends
((notice her oh, sweet joy party skirt?)) :)

9. texas

10. fun adventures and ((temporarily)) moving to the other side of the world! 

we are all packed up. we're leaving tonight & will be back in december. i'll try and keep y'all posted when i can..maybe some guest bloggers & random posts from overseas. no promises, but i'll try! 

keep us in your prayers.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a few things & a winner

we just got to texas.

it was a lonnnnnng drive.

today i guestposted over at sunshine & carousels.

the winner of the awesome fat quarter pack from above all fabric is carly ((of faith, family & frugality)) who said: "just tweeted!"

carly-email me with your information so i can forward it to melanie! :)

happy wednesday.


Friday, July 16, 2010

favorite things friday (and a giveaway!)

1. oldies. they just never get old, despite their name. mamas & the papas, diana ross & the supremes, sam the sham & the pharoahs, betty everett, the ronettes, etc. nothing gets me in a better mood. i blame give credit to my childhood listening to 98.7 KLUV. 

in the mood for some good oldies? type in day dream believer into pandora...just make sure you click the DOWN thumb when they try to play david archuleta's version of "sweet caroline."  

come ON, david. don't ruin a classic.

2. finding fun things you forgot about while packing. 
((every day i've yelled "OH! I forgot about this!!!" as Chase rolls his eyes wishing he had seen it first so he could throw it away))

3. chances to win free fabric!

 my awesome sponsor, melanie, at  above all fabric is giving one lucky winner this awesome fat quarter stack. NO WAY! yes way.

she is also offering yellow songbird readers a special coupon code! you can also use the code "JOY" for 15% off your purchase now through NEXT friday. Winner will be announced next Wednesday.

how to do you win? TWO ways. 
((leave a comment for EACH entry))

1. you MUST be a follower of yellow songbird to enter.  leave a comment below. anything! :)

2. Tweet (or facebook status) this: " holy fabric giveaway! i hope i win the @aboveallfabric giveaway on @ohsweetjoy's blog! " 

easy peasy! i hope you win :)


Thursday, July 15, 2010

it's official...

the shop will close on Sunday, July 18th until January(ish). All orders will ship out by Wednesday, July 21st at the latest. 

It's surprisingly difficult for me...but I am realizing it's less of me wanting make things all the time and more of the pride shattering fact that it's become a bit of an idol, as much as I hate to admit it. 

Bottom line, I hoped to keep it open until the day before we left...but that's just absolutely ridiculous, isn't it? There just isn't time in the midst of our packing, moving our stuff to the storage unit in boulder, going back to texas, and saying goodbyes to package orders and take a trip to the post office every day. 

However, I am pumped to come back to it (Lord-willing) in 2011 (whaaaaaaat?!) with some awesome ideas and (hopefully) lots of motivation and passion. It's going to be great :)


sidenote: packing is not fun.

Please pray while we are overseas teaching English. We are in for such an awesome adventure and I can't wait to see what the Lord does through us and in our hearts during the 4 months we are over there. 


Everything MUST go that is currently in the shop! Please go take a $10 shopping spree and find something fun :)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

shop update

i updated the shop late last night. 

by the time i finished listing all of the items, 4 items were already gone. holy smokes! :) i love it.

i'd love to get all of these items sold before we leave ((which is so stinking soon. yikes))


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sunshine & carousels

i think a lot of you know already, but if not...i climbed my first fourteener this weekend. 
what's a fourtneener? you ask? it's a mountain that is over 14,000 feet in elevation. uncompahgre, the one we did, was 14,309 ft. i'm still working on a post about it. it was definitely the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. no exaggeration. stay tuned...

in other news, i have a new eye candy shop for you. 

i honestly look at this shop, as well as her blog almost daily. erin is so creative & i love every bit of her work! she is also super sweet and even helped me figure out how to make something ((which is hard to do over email/etsy convo)).

her shop is full of goodies, including rosette belts ((brilliant!)),  

shoe clips ((so cute))

and ALL kinds of unique hair accessories

she even just started making some cards with her gocco printer. i want one. a card she made for inspiration and a printer, please. 

so go check her blog & shop out and show her some love! i have lots of things on my wish list, including this cute necklace. but i'll have to wait until we get back from overseas // christmas :)

((all photos property of erin // sunshine & carousels))

happy tuesday!

p.s. expect a shop update in the next few days. 5 coffee cuffs, 2 clutches, 3 pairs of earrings, & 11 headbands. first come first served! :)


Friday, July 9, 2010

favorite things friday

i just have one favorite today. 

new babies. 

my bestie, ari, had her baby yesterday.  we serve a God who delivers couples from infertility issues & blesses them with healthy, perfect babies. He is so good & so faithful. it's a beautiful thing, people.

i already love little sophie and her full head of hair. you better believe she'll have some rosette headbands on her head in no time. 


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

starting the day off right...

breakfast getting bland & boring for you? try this:

((it's my favorite breakfast!))
sliced strawberries ((2-3))

small handful of blueberries 

vanilla yogurt ((i use dannon light & fit))

granola ((my favorites: kroger brand natural cereal: oats & honey OR french almond vanilla granola from whole foods))

layer, grab a spoon & love it.
 ((the cuter the container the better!))


p.s. we hit 300 sales in the shop yesterday! THANKS! :)


((all images via weheartit))

Monday, July 5, 2010

ketchup time.

i mean, catch up. lots has been happening around here!

wooooo 4th of july! hope yours was as enjoyable as ours. it's been an absolutely hectic few days (starting on thursday) but we survived. here's a run-down.

thursday morning we woke up early (reeeeeally early) to head to boulder. we needed to get a p.o. box & a storage unit. about an hour in we stopped on cottonwood pass to take a little hike. we hiked to the top of a mountain and took some photos & hiked down. 

we got to boulder & took care of business. then we got to meet up with alex & robert for lunch at mountain sun brewery!!! alex was a bridesmaid of mine and they just got hitched & moved to denver!! so pumped to be in the same state as them again.
((chase, why are you making a squinty face?))

i also got to meet for coffee with a new friend in boulder & her cute baby boy! we are going to take over boulder with our craftiness upon my return to the states. just watch.

by the time 4 o clock rolled around on thursday we.were.pooped....and absolutely did not want to drive back to gunny. so we didn't. got a hotel room & went out on the town! spontaneous date night? YES please!

we, then, woke up early friday morning and when we stopped for coffee & gas my car decided it was too hot and wanted to smoke & leak all the coolant fluid. cool, libby. real cool.

we got some antifreeze and rode the WHOLE 4+ hours home with the heater on and going super slow so she wouldn't overheat on the passes again. sheesh. 

no worries. we got it fixed first thing friday when we got back. stupid jeep.

friday was also the twins' (that i nanny) birthday. balloons, cupcakes, snacks, and two cute little babies...perfect!

((set up by yours truly with some help from their precious mama))

saturday we headed to lake city and set up for some sort of craft show. (is that bad i don't know what it was called?) all i know is that those tourists brought the moolah with them that day....and the next. we set up again after the 4th of july parade for a few hours. i sold almost all my headbands (all rosette ones disappeared the 1st day), half of my apparel, all but 10 (of 40+) pairs of earrings, half of my coffee cuffs, etc. thank youuuuuuu, jesus.  

oh, and here's a full shot of the tunic i made last week!
((with my set-up in the background))
here's a photo of me with joy, who bought a farmer's market dress & immediately changed into it. how perfect is it on her?!

my set up on day two:
((oh yes, i am eating nachos))

now it's time to make all the custom orders that have built up in the past week/weekend. whoop!

happy monday!