Friday, July 30, 2010

favorite things friday & a farewell

1. skype.

2. getting dressed up for sweet weddings

3. pedicures

4. warm weather & hanging out poolside 

5. familiar faces & time precious family

6. hair cuts

7. mexican food

8. impromptu reunions with dear friends
((notice her oh, sweet joy party skirt?)) :)

9. texas

10. fun adventures and ((temporarily)) moving to the other side of the world! 

we are all packed up. we're leaving tonight & will be back in december. i'll try and keep y'all posted when i can..maybe some guest bloggers & random posts from overseas. no promises, but i'll try! 

keep us in your prayers.



  1. Enjoy every single minute of it! xo

  2. Safe travels and enjoy the adventure that lies ahead! Lots of love and prayers!

  3. such a great adventure ahead of you, girl! soooo excited to hear about it. will miss you but know that so many of us are thinking and praying for you. :)

  4. I love you friend! You will come back to CO nice and brown while we are all shoveling snow. Can't wait to SKYPE!!

  5. stay safe! i hope you have some enchanting adventures and meet interesting and charming people. can't wait to hear about your travels. keep in touch!
    have a beautiful trip and t.g.i.f. ,

  6. um. when you get home, i am gonna need one of those skirts. in THAT FABRIC. so freaking cute.

  7. ahhh, so exciting! enjoy your new adventure! i'll keep you and your hubby in my prayers!

  8. That's fun! Have a great time!

  9. i love that purple dress you wore to a wedding and that heart shaped pool!

    hope you have a GREAT time over on the other side of the world!


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