Monday, July 5, 2010

ketchup time.

i mean, catch up. lots has been happening around here!

wooooo 4th of july! hope yours was as enjoyable as ours. it's been an absolutely hectic few days (starting on thursday) but we survived. here's a run-down.

thursday morning we woke up early (reeeeeally early) to head to boulder. we needed to get a p.o. box & a storage unit. about an hour in we stopped on cottonwood pass to take a little hike. we hiked to the top of a mountain and took some photos & hiked down. 

we got to boulder & took care of business. then we got to meet up with alex & robert for lunch at mountain sun brewery!!! alex was a bridesmaid of mine and they just got hitched & moved to denver!! so pumped to be in the same state as them again.
((chase, why are you making a squinty face?))

i also got to meet for coffee with a new friend in boulder & her cute baby boy! we are going to take over boulder with our craftiness upon my return to the states. just watch.

by the time 4 o clock rolled around on thursday we.were.pooped....and absolutely did not want to drive back to gunny. so we didn't. got a hotel room & went out on the town! spontaneous date night? YES please!

we, then, woke up early friday morning and when we stopped for coffee & gas my car decided it was too hot and wanted to smoke & leak all the coolant fluid. cool, libby. real cool.

we got some antifreeze and rode the WHOLE 4+ hours home with the heater on and going super slow so she wouldn't overheat on the passes again. sheesh. 

no worries. we got it fixed first thing friday when we got back. stupid jeep.

friday was also the twins' (that i nanny) birthday. balloons, cupcakes, snacks, and two cute little babies...perfect!

((set up by yours truly with some help from their precious mama))

saturday we headed to lake city and set up for some sort of craft show. (is that bad i don't know what it was called?) all i know is that those tourists brought the moolah with them that day....and the next. we set up again after the 4th of july parade for a few hours. i sold almost all my headbands (all rosette ones disappeared the 1st day), half of my apparel, all but 10 (of 40+) pairs of earrings, half of my coffee cuffs, etc. thank youuuuuuu, jesus.  

oh, and here's a full shot of the tunic i made last week!
((with my set-up in the background))
here's a photo of me with joy, who bought a farmer's market dress & immediately changed into it. how perfect is it on her?!

my set up on day two:
((oh yes, i am eating nachos))

now it's time to make all the custom orders that have built up in the past week/weekend. whoop!

happy monday!



  1. oh my goodness!! you've had quite the busy life kim!! sooo excited for you that you sold sooo much and have all these custom orders too, how exciting! love that first pic of you and ur hubby kissing!!

  2. wow! that is so great!!! such a success!!! but your stuff is so cute so it is hard not to be a succes luv:)

  3. ummm,

    A. Praise the Lord for that kind of success lady! That's AMAZING!

    B. LOVE that tunic. Why wasn't I blessed with the ability to sew garments? Argh. Seriously, so J. Crew-ish.

    C. You're too cute.

    D. I think I'm gabbing now.

    E. Goodbye. xo.

  4. girl, can you get ANY cuter?? serrrriously. your displays looks amazing once again and that tunic? oh my goodness, it is just perfect! you should sell some!! that is so exciting that your sales went so well - yay!!

    p.s. you and your hubby are so cute!!

  5. Um yes, we will indeed be taking over Boulder with our craftiness.....mwahaha! :) Can't wait for our sewing date! YAY! Your set up is super adorable, I wish you could come by my house and I could shop from your car! I love it all!

  6. oh my goodness did you know that i live in CO too! we LOVE boulder! when is this farmer's market? I'd love to come and meet you and see your pretty things!!!

  7. am i wrong, or did you call your car libby? my car's name is brian, and my husband's is debbie! i love giving nonliving things people names!

    congrats on such a successful weekend! that's so awesome!!

  8. Kim, I've been looking through craft booths/tables on flickr. Just had to you tell you, I liked your WAY better. Cuter, more colors and patterns. I would be drawn to it more!!


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