Monday, August 30, 2010

blog & craft courtesy: 101


i know that there are a LOT of us out there in this craft blog world. it can be overwhelming at times, but i wanted to throw a few things out there that might help you out a bit. some of them are peeves. some of them are just things you might not think about but need to be done, some are things that you may not know is wrong but definitely are wrong & definitely aren't good for business, making friends, or networking.

disclaimer: please read all the way through before think i'm a "b word" and click away. my heart in this post is not to be rude or hurtful. 


1. are you featuring someone? link them up. put a link to their shop, the item you are featuring, or even both. don't just put their pretties on your site to show your readers you have good taste. give them credit, link up, and let them know you featured them. that's huge. you will very possibly make their day!

2.  are you using someone else's idea? give them credit. 
no one will think less of you if you say "so and so from this rad blog came up with this and i thought it was a great idea, so i was inspired to do the same!"

3. low on cash? someone is selling something you can easily make yourself for a lot cheaper. you make it. fine ((kind of)). but don't show it off on your blog or tweet a picture of it...especially if you have any sort of connection with them. it's just not cool.

4. you see an etsy shop you like. you decide to make some of the same products. that's one thing & is bound to happen on etsy. this is sometimes OK if it's not a completely original idea, are common sense how to make, or if there are butt loads ((more than 7)) of tutorials out there for that item that say you have free reign on selling them...IF you put your own personal style/twist on it. 

however, if you copy it, and stage your photos the same way on etsy/big cartel/etc, it becomes copying/stealing/wrong/annoying.

side note: ali foster is great about selling her patterns and allowing you tell sell what you make from them. she's super talented and her patterns are stellar, for the record. 

5. don't like/agree with something that someone wrote/typed on their blog? 
it's their blog. they can write what they want. we can agree to disagree, but the LAST thing you should do is type something snotty as "anonymous." we're out of high school, friends.

6. be yourself. this is huge! blog about what YOU want to blog about & not what "everyone else" is blogging about.

not crafty? don't fake it. 

i read a LOT of blogs of which the authors don't sew, design, or craft. it's ok! "just beeee yourself."

if you want to do something on a weekly basis, come up with something unique...or at least a unique name for your post. 

don't have a new idea? at least call it something different. or, again, give the person you "borrowed" it from credit.

7. please don't comment on someone else's blog just to tell them to read your blog or enter your giveaway. i'll leave it at that.

8. speaking of comments, don't worry about them. seriously. if you are blogging to "get comments," you should stop. it's not about that, friends. but i bet if you comment on a few yourself, the favor will be returned from time to time.

9. don't have something nice to say? don't say it at all. how many times have you heard that in your life? put it to use. no one likes a hater. click away if you want to bash someone. no one asked you to read the blog/tweet in the first place.


all this comes down to is common courtesy, people. i hate the phrase "imitation is the best form of flattery." that never made me feel better when someone dressed the exact same as me and it doesn't make me feel better when someone rips off my designs and claims them as their own. 

be original.

be creative.

be nice.

speaking of being nice, i hope this doesn't come across as abrasive. i just think that often times, some don't realize when things they do are wrong/stealing & i wanted to shed some light onto the situation.

i'll close with the words of baller lisa leonard, 
"be inspired but don't steal"


((ps let me just say that i learned this lesson way too late. a girl in college station had a great idea to take tshirts and make them into gameday dresses. she has a rad company called "material." when i got married, i made gameday dresses to make some cash while we finished school and now look back and think. wow. i totally ripped off kelly's creativity. i hate it, and now, as a designer/seamstress i see how important it is to be yourself. so, if you're wondering why "hemmed in vintage" is no's because after realizing i basically stole from this girl...i lost motivation and felt like i needed to stop. the end.))


  1. great post, kim! you have great points and i'm glad you weren't afraid to share them with the blogging world :)

  2. amen.

    i might be kinda guilty of #7. but if i tell them about my giveaway, i make sure to first leave a genuine comment about their post -- like actually read and respond to what they wrote.

  3. what a informative post ((and i could never think of you as the b word, you are too sweet!))
    have a beautiful day,

  4. Kim, I heart you! Good points! I try to visit everyone who leaves a comment and people under google friend connect. Blogging is about being yourself and connecting with people, not copying or stepping on them! ♥

  5. I decided to finally comment. I also went to a&m and moved far away from family right after I got married. So when I found your blog, I felt I could really relate to you on that level. Then once I discovered how creative you were, I kept coming back. I really enjoyed your tutorial on the headband, and made one for myself. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  6. i love this list! i may have to link you back on it some time
    belle xxxx

  7. lovely post, kim. i think your intentions were very clear! and besides, you are one of the most adorable people out there, so how could anyone ever mistake you for the "b word"?? not me!

  8. what a great post, kim! i'm starting up an etsy shop soon and some of the items i am selling are already being sold by other sellers, i hope to be able to distinguish myself by my product pictures and packaging thought!!

  9. Good points - great post! To true to yourself and others!

  10. i think this is a really great post! so many things that people may just not think about, you know?

  11. I just started a blog last week, and though I'm not crafting and selling or doing tutorials, it's nice to know some general blogging etiquette. I've really enjoyed it so far, but I've been wondering about some of the "rules." You've got integrity, Lady, and that's a good thing... don't worry about how people may perceive you when you display it. You're right!

  12. i don't think i could ever consider you b word.

    i wish i had an ounce of your creativity. i can only knit a scarf (and nothing else) and paint by number.

  13. This is a great post - lots of good reminders here! Thanks, Kim!

  14. totally agree with all of this. glad you put it out there.

  15. Great post, Kim! These are all good things to have in mind while crafting/blogging. I know it can be hard to be super original with all of these lovely crafters! :)

  16. Kim, may I just say I love you. Not in a weird way. I totally needed this post, I literally just read a blog of someone who is a friend of mine from college and is making the exact same things as I am and selling them and I was a little heart broken. I know there are several people that make similar things to mine but I do have a few items that are my signature (no one else makes them) and my idea was stolen. So in other words, thanks soo so much for these words. Dito everything you said. :)

  17. Love it. Great points. I'm new to crafting & blogging and appreciate posts like this- they are good reminders. I shall link to you in my next post. And you're not being too much of anything except helpful- and who doesn't need a little help?

  18. Great post!

    Blue Skies,
    Charlotte xo

  19. great post Kim! p.s. I wrote you down as one of my fav shops in the indie biz class. :)

  20. AMEN to #7! I HATE it when I get these canned comments that say "This RoCkS! I'm having a super rad link party, this would be perfect!" or something like that. Comment spam is no way to advertise yourself. It actually makes me make a point NOT to go to their blog.

  21. Great post! Thanks for this. Those are definitely some good points to keep in mind!

  22. Don't need no hateration, holleration in THIS dancerie!

  23. Speaking of which I think someone stole your Ollie the Owl idea

  24. wahooo!! you go girl. i did feel it was a bit snarky... but in a good way! hah... loved everything!!!!!!!


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