Friday, August 13, 2010

favorite things friday: bunting flags

ohhhhh bunting flags, you are too cute & make my heart verrrry happy.

no, not the car dealership kind.

although...with the right photoshop skills, they can look pretty artsy

((via weheartit))

i'm talking about this kind

((via weheartit))

i'm a long time bunting flag fan, but for some reason they've been consuming my thoughts lately. 

1. my friend, sandy, has a tutorial for how to make them here

2. i made these and brought them with us overseas. home decor is limited here and packing space was even more so. they are happily hanging in our tiny cozy bedroom. 

3. i colored these the other day. don't underestimate the power of an hour with some markers. it's good for the soul :)

i feel like given a fun colorway & not-so-elementary art skills, this would be fun fabric. 

 4. my friend ((and designer of my blog & shop logo)), lisa,  has these bunting flag themed party invites in her shop. she's rad. 

 5. this cute etsy shop, pamwares, has these cute flags for sale 
((made from some great anna maria horner fabric))

6. embroidery hoop + burlap + bunting flags + "oh, happy day" = perfection.

((you can purchase this and more like it here))

7. and finally, how fun is this necklace by scout holiday? i'll take one in five different color schemes, please.

that's all! happy friday :)



  1. Oh happy day! :oD
    Thank you so much
    for featuring my Wall Art!

    pilli pilli

  2. this is soo cute! i love bunting banners, i think i might make some for my (future) etsy shop!! :) and then you can do another post about them! ;) have a great weekend sweetie!

  3. love this! funny you should post this now...i'm on the hunt for bunting flags to use next week!!!! might have to place an order pretty quick. thanks for this collection.

    happy friday, friend!

  4. happy Friday.. that's crazy because on wednesday I put up a tutorial/giveaway on flag bunting! creative minds think alike!

  5. ok, you mentioned decorating a "cozy" room overseas... I want to know more!!

    My hubby and I just moved to Africa and our house feels a bit like an asylum (bare white walls, basic wood furniture). Not homey AT ALL... and the worst part is, he's told me "you're so good at decorating, can't you do something to make it feel more like a home here?"

    but I'm at a loss... where to even begin!?

  6. thank you for the love of my pennants! Great blog. You have a new reader!

  7. Those are all beautiful! I'd love to make something to go over my bed!

  8. i adore bunting too! it seems to be all the rage these days. these shops are fantastic! i really like the pilli pilli one. her shop is adorable & her photos are brilliant! and of course i love lisa's design work :)


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