Friday, August 27, 2010

Favorite Things Friday - PeggyAnn Design Edition

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today hannah, with Peggy Ann Design is doing my favorite things friday for me! how fun is that? enjoy! she's hilarious.

 next week i'll be trying something new with favorite things friday, so stay tuned :)


Hi! If you’re looking for Kim, she’s off on some remote islands teaching English because she rocks like that.
Meanwhile, you’ll have to settle for little old me. I hope that’s ok (since I wasn’t really giving you a choice). Here goes…

I’m the crazy lady that writes and creates over at Peggy Ann Design, but my name isn’t Peggy or Ann. It’s Hannah.
I’m a Navy Wife from Auburn, Alabama (but soon to be in California). I love sewing and Auburn football (War Eagle!) and wine and babies and chocolate and twitter (not necessarily in that order).
Now that you’re thoroughly confused, I suggest reading my very first post for a little clarification. You can read the other posts there too if you want.

Moving On.

I did my best to come up with a theme for this edition of “Favorite Things Friday”. I decided not to start a war by dedicating this entire post to Auburn football, so instead you are getting some of my most favorite items in my favorite fall color combo – Charcoal & Mustard.

Note: I don’t like regular color names. Normal people call this gray and yellow, but mine sounds better, right? RIGHT?

 These are such classy colors. Whether you are using them in your home or your clothes, you can bet that you’ll be in style this fall.

#1 – I especially love this gorgeous cotton scarf that I got in Hilton Head last weekend at a random little boutique:

#2 – These Thank You cards that I found on Etsy from Two Poodle Press are just lovely:
#3 – Another Etsy find from The Purple Pajamas. Not only are these pillows in fabulous colors, they are also damask. And I. Love. Damask.

#4 – As another example of my love for these yummy colors, here is a sneak peek of a new product that I’m releasing in my shop next week.

So there you go. I hope that y'all love these colors as much as I do. Thanks for putting up with me and a HUGE thank you to Kim for allowing me to invade her space!


edit from kim:: moriah shared this charcoal & mustard wedding that is too cute and i had to share it! this bride is precious and the video made my heart melt. she's even wearing yellow toms! can't beat it :)




  1. In celebration of all things "gray and yellow," I thought I should add a link to my friend's "gray and yellow" wedding video. You're going to ball your freaking eyes out:

  2. Definitely one of my favorite color combos!

  3. this is totally my fave color combo too!! way to rock this guest post hannah! :)

  4. gray and yellow has to be one of my most favorite combinations. i'm going to stalk those pillows.

  5. i love yellow and grey! it is such a charming color combination!!!

  6. Mustard makes my heart happy!!!!!

  7. So lovely!

    And I totally agree about regular color names. I don't like pink, I like dusty rose. I don't like yellow, I like sunshine and mustard. Not red, but cranberry or burgundy. And only purple if it's plum! :D


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