Friday, August 20, 2010

favorite things friday: rainy season

so it's still rainy season over here and i've come to really enjoy the rain ((except for when it makes the seas super rough...sea sick kim is not a pleasant kim))

rainy season means 5-10 ((or so)) degrees cooler & i'm usually so hot that the rain feels awesome! haha it just started being sunny again after several days of clouds and rain. no complaints on this end.

this week's favorite things friday is inspired by cute-sy raindrops & umbrellas! 

enjoy :)

1. umbrella pendant by jade scott

2. adorable cloud wall decor by the butter flying 's etsy shop

((when i have a little one i want one of these in the nursery! don't get any ideas. no. we're not pregnant.))

3. what do you get when you combine a fox & an umbrella

too much cuteness, that's what. 

you can buy this print from peppermint daydreams's etsy shop

4. my friend, michelle, makes some incredible jewelry. she's waaaaay talented and a super mom....

anywho...she made the following necklace for me this past summer and added 3 rows of raindrops ((blue beads)) and iiiii love it. check out more of her work here.

5. i think i've professed my love for gussy products many-a-time on this here bloggity blog. this umbrella clutch is no exception to my undying love for ruffled accessories. 

 check out maggie's blog and shop here. she's a doll.
((right now she's doing a stellar series about budgeting on her blog. check it out!))

6. and finally, how great is this print from volume 25?! 

happy weekend!



  1. Love all the rainies! I'm in the desert, & we're in our monsoon season right now. I love it except for all the bugs that try to stay dry in our apartment! :)

  2. I love that print! And the gussy bag- I hadn't seen that one :]

  3. awww i love raindrops used in patterns and prints! that gussy wallet is sooo cute and the wall nursery thing is adorable too (i'm not pregnant either)! have a great weekend friend!

  4. fab-u-lous! :]

    that's probably in my top 5 favorite fabric prints... absolutely love it!

  5. CUTE list! we had a massive thunderstorm here last night and a tornado was spotted just miles from our house! there are tree branches everywhere!

    i really like that last print. it would be great to see that in the morning while i am getting ready for my day.

  6. so cute!
    i love this post!!


  7. Thank you! These are all SO sweet, and I really appreciate you including my print. :)

    p.s. your blog is suuuper cute!

  8. Oh I just LOVE all the clouds! I have a major thing for clouds :)


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