Sunday, August 29, 2010

much needed breakthroughs

in the past few days/weeks i've overcome a few obstacles...

one of those being, my celsius oven. 

take a second and let that process. 

however! in that crazy celsius oven i have successfully made:

my favorite cookies


  ((several)) yummy pizzas. 


another obstacle? lack of fruits & veggies. it's gotten better...AND i found enough ingredients to make these delicious salads. the next day we put a boiled egg on it, as well. they may look pretty wimpy, but i pretended i was at jason's deli. 

have we been able to find lettuce since then? no. i try not to think about it...

i think know i found enough stuff to make this wimpy, but delicious, salad because miss haley kristine prayed for it. i'm not kidding. thank you, haley. 

there was an american couple that left right after we got here. they had just gotten a mega awesome package from the states with all kinds of seasonings and packets. with these i've been able to make:

pasta alfredo & tacos.

i don't expect you to think that's as awesome as we do. 

this girl loves cheese...and by cheese i DON'T mean nasty cheese in a can that is quite plentiful around here. although, piper can work magic with this stuff ((e.g., keish & potato/leek soup!)). i couldn't find a photo of it and i refuse to buy another can to show you. 

but since my firstweekherecheeseinacandisasters, i've been able to find cheddar cheese, an herb & garlic cream cheese spread ((!!!!)), and lots of mozzarella. let's all clap.

hallelujah. amen. 

i've also had the chance to do some crafting & decorating. i hand sewed these bunting flags ((can you say desperate?!)) and found a fabric shop that carried some faux wood/rubber embroidery hoops. i used two old shirts,  some leftover bunting fabric, buttons, and some ((robin's egg blue. duh)) purchased fabric to make the wall art. 

((weird angle. not sure how/why that happened))

and i got a fun coconut bowl to hold my beach findings ((coral, shells, and such))


i am so thankful for how much these "jumped hurdles" ease my frustration and make me feel at much "at home" you can feel on the other side of the world. 



  1. i'm so happy that you are finding little objects of comfort over there. i will be praying for you and your husband and know that the Lord has some awesome things to do through you guys!

  2. oh my goodness! what a great experience you are having right now and i love that you are sharing snippets of it with us:)

  3. awww yay so glad to hear this! i can imagine how huge these would all feel given your situation. God is so faithful. mozzarella cheese? amen! i'll start praying that you find lettuce!!

  4. that stove looks pretty wacky! God is good - He takes care of the little and the big things!

  5. I did! I did pray that you would be able to make yummy salads! As soon as I typed that comment, I bowed my head at my desk and threw up a little prayer for you and your salad. I am SO thankful that you made your salad. God's faithfulness doesn't make sense to me, but I am glad He is faithful.

    [Remember the post your salad frustrations were in and the post I wrote after reading yours? Well I had this thought: "Why is it so easy to thank God for the small things, but the big things seem so hard?" And then He comes through on something that seems so small but is really so big: SALAD. Anyway, that's a follow up thought.]

  6. awwww so glad to hear you overcame all of these hurdles! LOVE the bunting banner and that pizza looks GOOOD!!! :)

  7. love your wall art! I have something similar up in my bedroom, but with more muted, neutral colors. :) We're like twins!


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