Thursday, August 5, 2010

live in the sunshine

i love how this describes my life right now :) just add "teach english & eat spicy foods" in there.

thanks emerson for the quote. thanks ((thewheatfield)) for the print. you are oh, so talented. 


p.s. i am looking for one guest blogger per week while i'm away. interested? shoot me an email. 
((e-mail address found up top))


  1. i love the wheatfield's designs! they're so bright & cheery. thank you for your encouraging words kim & for the reminder that our King is for me :) i seem to often forget how the Enemy is constantly at work, looking for ways to bring me down, ugh! i appreciate your prayers!!

  2. Any particular topic you want people to blog about? I would be happy to write one.

  3. love this. beautiful quote! i'm emailing you!!!


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