Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a photo update.

so i tried to upload a video & it was taking forevvvvvvvvvverrrrr. sorry. maybe i'll try again next week.

i got to see sting rays this week!

it was by far the most exciting part of my week. piper told me i had a surprise after i taught my first class. i'll be honest, i was hoping it was a dr. pepper...but i loved this too! :) 

here's a shot piper snapped of me walking up to the stingrays. one of them was as wide as my arm span!

((they looked like these "goombas" on mario to me))

no? ok. whatever. 

sittin' on the dock of the bay. can you believe how blue the water is?! i still can't get over it.

this is for you, jarratt edward calvert. 

i thought this was a cool shot until i realized that this bird is constantly getting it's photo taken. one of my students told me it was born at this it's pretty much a model by now.

((lyrics by bethany dillon))



  1. SO beautiful!!! Where are ya'll at?? Im a Dr Pepper lover too :)


  2. i love those lyrics! thank you for sharing, i will go listen to that song now :)

  3. inspiring! i love love love ocean pics...

  4. wowww you got soo super close to that stingray! gosh, that water is sooo pretty and blue!! looks like you are enjoying your time! :)

  5. wow the water is so beautiful! i love that you've been including snippets from your journal. love that verse!

  6. FUN pics, girl!! love the ocean. and also love the photo of the handwritten bethany d. lyrics. she has some good ones for sure!


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