Wednesday, September 1, 2010

autumn ((or lack thereof))

what the whaaaaaat?! it's september? weird. 

to me, september means the beginning of's not as "official" as october...but it's kind of the introduction, if you will. ((and i will))

((photo credit))

leaves changing, then falling.
crisp, cool air.
college football. ((gig em! or should i get used to saying 'go buffs!'?))
earth tones.
golden aspens. 
layering clothing for the first time since may.
pumpkin spice lattes. ((big sigh))
patagonia fleeces.
golden hues.

i love fall/autumn. really, love it. so much, in fact, i had a "fall" wedding. it was a must.

((photo courtesy of averi blackmon photography))

fall-ish engagement photos? yep. those too. 

((photo courtesy of deb kleinen))

we were big time spoiled last fall, living in colorado. we got to experience all 4 seasons for the first time ever & watch the aspens change from bright & cute to golden & beautiful. 

love this contrast. 
((j. chase davis photography))

but this fall, we will be spending those crisp, cool months in tropical paradise. it's bittersweet, really. we are where we are supposed to be, no doubt... and i never thought that trading the leaves changing ((and all that comes with it )) for sun & sand would be part of "counting the cost." there are definitely worse things...i mean, let's be serious, i have the rest of my life to experience autumn. 

but you better believe the first thing i will put on when we return to the states are my sassy boots with my skinny jeans and a plaid tunic.


ps i have some posts scheduled, but i'll be MIA for the next few days. chase & i get to go to a resort to do some english testing this weekend. we have to work long hours and don't get paid much, but hey, we get to spend 3 days at a reeeeeally nice resort ((we're talking $600-$1000+ a night)) with all meals comped. whoop!


  1. I love Fall. Unfortunately {living in Florida}, the season don't really change a lot. Sad. :(

  2. Fall truely is the best season!!!

  3. I love the fall! We had a fall wedding as well - yours looks lovely!

  4. september totally makes me think FALL too!! the weather hasn't cooled off yet but i am sure it will in no time! i used to LOVE summer but i think i'm starting to like fall better because it's been TOO hot this year!! the pretty colors of the leaves are quite amazing too!

  5. Have a FUN weekend Kim!

    *(I had my first pumpkin spice latte this evening...I'll think of you next time I have one!)

  6. I'm right there with you on the love of fall! I'm sure you could still capture little bits of fall, despite being in tropical weather this autumn, maybe with certain foods or hanging autumn pictures.

    Also, your fall wedding picture is gorgeous!


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