Wednesday, September 15, 2010

increasing sales ((& keeping them)) series: part 2

did you miss part 1? go here ((or scroll down ha!)) 

let's continue and start with...


package your product nicely. 

believe it or not, your packaging becomes part of your brand. 

here's what meg ((pretty things by meg)) has to say about packaging:
"I think packaging is important because it says a lot about you and your business. If you are selling online, it is your customer's first physical encounter with your business. Thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing packaging will show your customer that you are a professional business owner and that you care about your product."

here are some examples of what i do:
i try to write a personal note in ((almost)) every package with the customer's name. now, that doesn't always happen, but it's my goal. something simple like "dear so&so, thanks so much for your purchase! i hope you enjoy your cute headband" will do it! just be personal & be kind. 
wrap. tissue paper, a fun box, whatever. just wrap it in something. for me, it's difficult to package my headbands, so i just wrap them in brown tissue or kraft paper & tie either wraffia, twine, or yarn around it. i'm still tweaking my packaging, but it's important that you at least try!


 and be smart with your money. i suck at this, but my goal for 2011 is to write down everything & keep all receipts! i'm really unorganized, but gussy's budget series is super helpful and i love how she encourages you to know where every dollar goes. 

and in all reality, if you aren't budgeting, how are you going to know if you are making any money??


i was so hesitant to advertise at first. honestly, i didn't think i was bringing in enough $$ to do so & i couldn't figure out if it would really make a difference! however, i bit the bullet and did my first advertising slot over at the cakies blog & then did a few other advertising trades here & there. 

wow. interest in my products increased like whoa. not only that, but i had a definite increase in sales. i don't have the stats, but i would say it was something like 4 or 5 sales a week to like 10-20. it's crazy how putting your button on someone else's space brings you SO much more interest and NEW CUSTOMERS! YAY!  i mean, it makes sense, but it's still crazy.

sales & promos

i am SUCH a sucker for sales & promos that only last for a few maybe you should try them! haha. but for real, sales & discounts are a great way to get more traffic...and, more than likely, you will end up making more sales than you would have without the promo.

 TODAY ONLY---buy 2 headbands and get a pair of earrings FREE

once again, social media is your bff. tweet & facebook the HECK out of it. 

make friends.
this goes along with social networking, but one way of doing this is trade! lisa (( my little buffalo)) and ilene, ((much love, illy)) are both friends i made from trading!! 

 furthermore, don't always focus on yourself & your shop. promote others from time to time and i promise the favor will be returned eventually. 

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade
slumps in sales. everyone has ''s what you do with that time that counts. do craft fairs & farmers markets. come up with & make new products. build your inventory. do some promos/sales to get customers back in your shop. take a vacay...anything to keep you inspired & motivated.

i hope this series helped you in some way! i think one thing to keep in mind is that every shop is at a different "place." don't compare your shop to someone else's. do what you love & don't worry how many sales someone else has ((one of my least favorite things about etsy)).

 i'd love to hear your feedback. did i miss something you feel is crucial? please share with the class :)



  1. loved the series, kim! the best part is that it can pretty well apply to any business venture, not just handmade goods.


  2. enjoying this series, kim! it's a good reminder for beginners OR vets. thanks for sharing!!!

  3. As only a consumer (so basically, someone who knows nothing about this) all of these points make perfect sense.
    You just need to have something to offer people, and be thankful and kind when they want to support you, and have a lot of fun. Right??

    PS I want to see your stuff, Kim!
    I can't really buy right now at all but I would love to see what you make :)

  4. i definitely need to work on my packaging.. it's honestly a little skimpy right now but i will spend more time on it thanks to you! and i plan on advertising eventually hehe :)

  5. Good stuff girl. I'm bookmarking this, and YES! gussy's series was SO good!

  6. i loved this series!! wonderful advice :)

  7. I am 2 months away from selling on Etsy and starting my business... I love that 10 months later I am still learning everyday... I am in it to win it! Thank you for all the positive advice!

  8. Thank you once again for sharing this with us. You are making me really bite the bullet and try advertising for my shop.

    Thanks again

  9. thanks for sharing this! it's good to hear your experience with advertising -- i've been strategizing about it for a bit now...and it sounds like i'm currently in the place you were before (5 items a week). crazy it could get to you to 10-20! with that kind of return, i know that i need to get going with it already! thanks for your helpful post!

  10. Such fantastic points!! I LOVE this series!! I am def. bookmarking this!! xo


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