Thursday, September 9, 2010

a triathlon, a stonefish, & a motivational speech.

i've been a big ol' lazy butt the past couple of weeks. we started out running often when we got here, but i just got tired of it. sleeping in always sounds much better than running in hot & humid weather. 

amen? amen.

anywho, yesterday i hopped on the bike and went a couple of laps around the island. other than that, i hadn't exercised in two weeks. today, it was one of those times where i was like "if i don't run today, i probably won't run for a lonnnnng time." 

i grabbed my watch & ipod ((which crapped out on me today. sucks)) and went for a run. i ran my two miles in 16 minutes flat! i was pumped about that, so i hopped on the bike & did a lap around the island, which is 3.5 miles. after i had gone around once, i wanted to keep going ((i love riding my bike & miss my cute townie big time!!)), so i did. then it was time to put on my swimsuit & meet the girls to go snorkeling. 

sidenote: on our snorkel, we saw this guy. 

a stone fish. they are absolutely hideous ((cringe)), are poisonous, and can be deadly! 

basically, i did a mini/pseudo triathlon, island style! ((emphasis on the mini))

why am i telling you this? 

my body feels so much better. i was pretty stressed, but i'm chilled out again. i had some excellent prayer time. exercise is good & if you don't take care of your body, you are silly. 

haven't worked out in a while, but know you should? 

so grab some tunes, lace up those kicks, and go for a walk or run! you will feel great & you can go out for cupcakes or ice cream after dinner! :)

there's my motivational speech for the day. you're welcome.



  1. Good for you girl! Glad you didn't step on that little poo- fish! ;)

  2. Wish I'd read this when I kept hitting snooze this morning. Brought my running stuff to work though, and I'm heading out for a lunch run in the gloomy NW cold [slightly jealous of the hot and humid!].

  3. girl i saw your tweet this morning about the stone fish. ick. scary and disgusting!

  4. i need to get my but in action, i've been way to lazy and i know my body would appreciate it.

    that fish is SCARY!!

    p.s. have you entered my NYC designer dress giveaway?

  5. way to go! sounds like a lot of fun and I agree...I so feel much better after working out! :)

  6. YOU GO GIRL!!!

    That fish is scary! YIKES!


  7. That fish is the scariest thing ever! Good speech - I'm headed to Pilates class tonight!

  8. oh my goodness, that fish looks scary~!! btw, my etsy shop is UP.. now i have to spend lots more time getting more items in it too hehehe!

  9. That sounds like a lot of fun!
    Exercise is sooo good. It's tough, but that's when it feels the best to work through it- and your body just loves it, too!

  10. Stone fishes?? I am scared of them .. I just hate them! Why are they even in this world Lol


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