Saturday, October 30, 2010

oh, sweet joy + wedding = love.


 I LOVE custom orders for weddings. It brings me a ridiculous amount of joy to see my products being a tiny part of a day that a couple will remember for the rest of their lives. SO humbling & SO cool! I sent this order out a few days before we left the country & Janel sent me some photos recently. 

I made my ((best seller)) Yellow Rose of Texas Headband in three different styles. They look great with those navy dresses, that's for sure!

Here is a video of the wedding that is fun, inspiring, beautiful, and soundtracked by one of my favorite artists, sigur ros. perfect. This particular song ((gobbledigook)) is my favorite song to run to. 

Ryan & Janel from Tyler Faires Productions on Vimeo.

all rights to the video belong to tyler faires productions. 

Call me lame, but I had chill bumps the whole time I watched it. It's just so great to see your products looking beautiful as ever on some lovely bridesmaids!

Congratulations to Ryan & Janel!

happy saturday, friends. 


Friday, October 29, 2010

favorite things friday: sewing in style

happy friday! 
here are my favorites this week with a sweet sewing theme. 
don't forget to link up if you have a favorites post from the week!

1. This cute pincushion from the daily pincushion! I've bought some really pretty felt from this shop & loved using all the fun colors offered. The work on these pincushions is so detailed & gorgeous! 

2. t-shirts for wearing has some really great tees in their shop. There are several sewing themed ones, but this sewing machine tee is my absolute favorite.  It's pretty great, don't ya think? Well, it gets even better: they're organic cotton!

3. I have a necklace obsession. Some girls like shoes, i like necklaces ((and shoes)). This cute little thread spool necklace from a little thistle is absolutely perfect...and only $12?! Jackpot.

4. Fun stationery is so great to have on hand AND to receive in the mail. I would love a pack of these sewing machine cards from paper & twine in every color imaginable. 

all of these items would be GREAT gifts for your favorite crafter, designer, and/or seamstress. 

don't forget to link up! :)

have a great weekend, friends!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

just a quick photo...or two.

We've taken so many fun photographs in sri lanka! It's been an absolutely crazy few days, but more on that later...I just wanted to leave you with a pretty picture!! :)

and one for laughs...


Monday, October 25, 2010

handmade monday - tank & tink happy prints

Because of my blogiversary last week((ish)), I went back and read some of my old posts. Some are embarrassing, but some are gold. ;) I used to do a feature called "etsy monday." I don't remember why i stopped. In true "kim fashion," I probably just forgot. typical.

I want to "return to my (bloggin') roots," so to speak, and start doing this feature again. However, because a lot of shops I like are not limited to etsy, but are on big cartel, artfire, or on their own website/domain, it's going to be called 
handmade monday.

So without further adieu, let me introduce you to my first handmade monday feature, Tank & Tink Happy Prints. ((isn't that fun to say?))

I love a good graphic print. I can't wait to dedicate a wall in my future studio/sewing room in Boulder to fun prints in cute frames. I came upon Tank & Tink last week and was just in awe. How great would it be to decorate your space with really attractive prints that are also full of truth and encouragement?

Yes, please. I'll take 3. These three, to be exact.

Make that 4, I would love this to be hung in the entryway for right when I walk in my front door. 
((hello rhyme))
It's so precious. 

Not only are these prints adorable & inspiring, the price is right, folks. Affordability. Boom.
Be sure to check out all of the other sweet prints that Tank & Tink Happy Prints has to offer! 

Happy ((handmade)) Monday, friends!


Friday, October 22, 2010

favorite things friday

Chase & I are in sri lanka right now enjoying a little hiking, laying by the beach, maybe some surfing & elephant riding. Yes, elephant riding! Can't wait to share our adventures with y'all. 

If you're new here ((which a lot of you are...welcome!)), every Friday I make a list of my favorite things from the week. Whether it's etsy finds, fashion faves, or just things in life that are too good not to mention, I share them here. There's also a link up at the end so that you can show off your sweet favorites list. I love reading them! After a week hiatus from Favorite Things Friday, it's back! 
let's do this! 

1. this print from elise joy. I think it'd be perfect hanging above our stovetop in a cute white frame! We don't have a coffee maker because we're all about french press & espresso makers. We're so blessed to have friends that send us whole bean starbucks coffee while we're over here. That way, we don't have to drink the instant tar that's found around here. I'll definitely drink to that!

2. the heirloom shopper from Fossil. I've always wanted a big ol' leather tote bag, but I always gravitate towards smaller crossbody's because they're so dang convenient. One day. Christmas? ;)

3. Spool No. 72's Weathervane Sweater Vest. The styling in the photo is pretty stunning, as well! Their new catalog, Whiskey & Rye is definitely worth a look-see. Such cozy things for the fall...just can't get enough of Spool No. 72.

4. We found a store a few blocks away that carries cans of A&W root beer. glorious. It's not Dr. Pepper, but it's good enough ((or at least that's what I keep telling myself)). We've been making root beer floats after dinner & they are deeeelicious. It's the little things, right? 

5. This cozy cozy cowl from Handspun Handmaiden on etsy...and it's the perfect color for fall, no?

do you have a favorites post from this week? link up here! i'd love to see :)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sri lanka or bust

By the time you read this, Chase & I will be in Sri Lanka! We decided to take a trip a couple of weeks ago when some of our classes got cancelled, booked our flights last week and left this morning. We plan on getting good coffee in Colombo, riding a train, visiting a tea plantation, seeing a Hindu and a Buddhist temple, hiking in Kandy, seeing & riding some elephants, and hanging out beachfront in Galle.

Sidenote: I just found out that MIA ((paper planes)) is from Sri Lanka.

((no idea if this photo is from Sri Lanka. photo credit: weheartit))

I've got some sweet posts scheduled, including a link up for Favorite Things Friday & a new weekly feature on Monday! Get excited! Be back in a week, friends. :)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

today rocked.

I love days like today. 
Let me just tell you how awesome it was//what all was accomplished.

-Cleaned the apartment. Toilets & all. 

-Scheduled blogs & tweets for the next week. You'll know why tomorrow :) for the record, i think scheduled tweets defeat the whole purpose of twitter, but it's dang handy for announcing blog posts. 
-Came up with a new blog feature for Mondays that I'm soooo excited about. Check back Monday.

-Made a logo/button for said monday blog feature. 

-Washed, hung up ((no dryer here)) all the laundry.

-Prepared for my class today, made copies, etc.

-Went to a cafe for a late lunch with the husband. 

-Caught up on my Gmail Inbox.  A giveaway party really causes chaos in that worth it ;)

-Came home from teaching my English lesson to 2 packages ((including William Sonoma pumpkin spice cupcake mix, fun dip, and a some interfacing & a sewing pattern for coasters! jackpot!)) One from my bestie, Kelley & another from my family. I also received a card from my small group in Colorado. They even put aspen leaves inside the card!!!

-Organized my closet.


Speaking of organization, I'll leave you with this. I'm not an organized person, but I would love to be. How inspiring are these three organized spaces? Another goal of mine for when we return to the states is to make every space count and know where everything is. Awesome shelves would definitely help.

i hope your tuesday is as productive & great as mine was!


Monday, October 18, 2010

reminiscing//thank you//winners!

my blog started out being called "then sings my soul" and the tagline was "life, recipes, crafts, sewing, and ramblings of a ragamuffin." it's still those things in my mind. i'm still rambling and i'm still sharing life, recipes, crafts, sewing, etc with all of you. my soul sings & cries out to praise and glorify my Savior through every endeavor of life, even especially this blog.

 i'm so happy to have experienced this journey and i look forward to where it takes me in the future! i'm constantly blown away and downright blessed to have such a supportive community, whether i know you in real life or not.

thanks to all the handmade shops that provided items to giveaway in celebration of my blog being around for a year! thanks to everyone who entered one, several, or ALL of the fun giveaways. the participation & comments were overwhelming & hello/welcome to all the new followers that participated! 2,412 comments were left over the course of the giveaways. insane! 

make sure to keep checking in with these shops. these women are seriously talented and keep them in mind for christmas gifts! support handmade. 

anywho, i know you are all DYING to know who won all the giveaways! i wish alllll of you could have won something. 

lisa leonard: meganluvsjewels

c'est la vie paperie: emily @ bloog spoots

sandy a la mode: Britt O

my girl thurdsay: Lacey Simpson

hugs & kisses: ★All Thingz Related★

k. davis creates: MeredithKaye

flawed perfection jewelry: -Lauren

josiah's nest: Brooke Wright

sunshine & carousels: Kate @ Short Stuff

bird e. studios: Ari @ Patrick Bambino

yellow hope cards: Laura @ Along for the Ride

linkel designs: Holly Knitlightly

my little buffalo: Alex West

peggy ann designs: KiKi @ kiki escapades

much love, illy: abby joy 

congratulations winners! email me with your info so i can get you hooked up with the shop owner :)

if you didn't win, don't forget about the discount codes some of the shops are offering & stayed tuned for another giveaway coming up soon!


Saturday, October 16, 2010


this is so much fun! 
thanks to everyone who has entered the giveaways so far!
 keep spreading the word, friends!

handmade shops: keep promoting your giveaway via blog, twitter, & facebook! the more the merrier :)

 giveaways will remain open until late sunday night & all the winners will be announced on monday. 


Friday, October 15, 2010

blogiversary giveaway party: shey*b

let's end this giveaway party with a BANG! what d'ya say? 

i am constantly impressed with shey*b. the way she runs her business, the way she is constantly coming up with new designs, the way she speaks her mind, & the way she encourages other crafters/bloggers. most recently, she's planning & putting together this new conference, Creative Estates. ((I actually won a ticket through her blog! holla!)) 

if you haven't heard of shey*b (where have you been?)), she's the camera strap girl...and that's a huge understatement. she started that whole trend and made it happen. she set the standard and she keeps raising the standard with her incredible designs and quality. i can't wait for chase to get a new camera so i can have his dslr passed down to me! i think you know what i'll put on it! :) 

ok. so what you've been waiting for! shey*b is not only giving away this awesome camera strap, the valentino

but is also offering Yellow Songbird readers a discount code to her shop! All you have to do is enter "SONGBIRD" at checkout and you'll receive 10% off your entire purchase! jackpot!

make sure you enter all the other giveaways from the past 2 days ((there are 24 of them!))


this is a thank you celebration for all you sweet readers!! in order to enter, you MUST be a follower of my blog. if you're not already a follower, it's not too late to join the party! scroll down & click "follow" over on the left and enter all the fun giveaways!

how you enter:
1. head on over to shey*b & leave a comment with your favorite item from her shop.
2. tweet the following  ((or something else)) & leave a SEPARATE COMMENT telling me you did so:
"@ohsweetjoy is having a Blogiversary Party! Go enter all of the FUN GIVEAWAYS!"

((if you DON'T have a twitter!))

put this as your facebook status:
"go enter all of the fun giveaways on the Yellow Songbird Blog!"
((i know facebook doesn't want to be part of giveaways these days but whatever.))

come back & leave a comment telling me you facebooked it.


2 entries. boom! i hope you win! :) make sure you check out & enter all the other giveaways!