Saturday, October 9, 2010


so...i made an executive decision about the blogiversary giveaway party ((i can do that because it's my blog. hello power trip)). before i make it all blog official ((it became twitter official last night)) i want to explain some things. 

this giveaway is to celebrate a year under this blog's belt. it is also, just as importantly, to highlight & feature handmade shops. finally, it's to thank you, Yellow Songbird readers, for being so great. 

that being said, i want every single shop that is participating ((all amazing 24 of them!)) to get fair & equal exposure.  originally, the giveaway days were going to be the 13th & 14th, with the winners announced on the 15th. i don't know why i didn't think of this before, but say someone is featured the first giveaway day in the first slot. this means that they will get 48+ hours of exposure, where the last ((but certainly not least)) slot will potentially get less than 12 hours of exposure. doesn't seem fair to me...


giveaway days are now october 14th & 15th ((sadly, this means no favorite things friday post)). giveaways will CLOSE sunday night at midnight & the winners will ALL be announced on monday, october 18th. 

reminder: you have to be a follower to enter the giveaways. i'll know if you aren't, so let's play fair & be honest. if you aren't sure if you are a follower, scroll down on the left side bar & click the "follow" button. easy peasy. 

happy saturday!



  1. can't wait! and congrats on the INCOURAGE:)

  2. I think this is a great idea! You're awesome for equally exposing both parties. Woo hoo! :)

  3. Looking forward to it! Thanks!

  4. October 17th is a Sunday. Not a Monday. So does that mean the giveaway is still the 14th and 15th? It would be so cool to win something on the 17th because it's the day we're going back to the US!!

  5. Guess I'll get to meet you at Creative Estates. I will be speaking!!

  6. I AM SO excited!! Plus congrats on winning my giveaway!!


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