Friday, October 8, 2010

favorite things friday!

ok, this is going to be short & sweet. here we go.

1. watching my husband surf. he's such a stud. 

2. my cousin jarratt. he is my best friend (besides the hubs of course) in the whole whole world and the funniest human being alive. i miss him mucho & today just happens to be his birthday. if i were there to celebrate, we would be up to shenanigans like this:

or this 

(( for the record, this was the day before my wedding. there was lots to be done, but who doesn't want to take a dress up break in the church costume closet? don't tell ruby nell. ))

happy birthday, jarratt!
 i hope its full of sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, and jon quick. 

3. this sewing machine. 

long story short: i met the designer behind this line. she lives in this country now & has 3 machines with her! she let me borrow her "extra" machine for "as long as i'd like!!!!" i got it wednesday night and i've already made these pillows...

and this skirt. it has pockets!!
ignore the fact i took this with photo booth. a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do when her photographer husband is playing football on the beach, okay? :)

i feel so much more sane after being able to create something legit.


no link up this week either. i'm kind of over it.
happy weekend!! hope yours is all sorts of lovely.



  1. I LOVE that skirt!!! I'm guessing you aren't taking any orders while you are away. Darn. :(
    (Let me know if you are!)

  2. Oh my gosh! LOVING that skirt!!!! Fab job! I love skirts and dresses with pockets :)

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you have a sewing machine! Creating something new makes everything b etter, doesn't it?

  4. POCKETS! I love pockets! That skirt is the bomb.

  5. I was just going to ask that. How can I get to you make one of those beauties for me?!

  6. I LOVE that skirt!!
    AND it had pockets!!! Yay for pockets!! I am so happy that you found a sewing machine!! A woman with your talent should not be with out a sewing machine! :)
    P.S. Love the pattern on those pillows!
    P.S.S. Happy Birthday Jarratt!!! and I hope that Chase found his ring!!
    *fingers crossed*

  7. Cute pillows and skirt! You are SO talented!

  8. sad day. i wrote my post yesterday hoping to link up today. a comment will have to do! :)

    SO JEALOUS you got a sewing machine! i'm in a similar situation and want one so, so badly, but can't bring myself to spend $200 on something i won't keep longer than a year...

    happy crafting! :)

  9. The skirt is fabulous :)

    And I wish my church had a costume closet!

    Happy Friday!

  10. KIM: I love watching my husband surf too. AND I love those pillows you made. AND I'm jealous that you can make your own skirts. Being that I just started sewing, I actually can only sew a cute strip of fabric onto a burp cloth but I'm slowly learning. AND I would agree. Since having a child, I feel a lot more normal when I can use my creativity. It's few and far between these days, but it makes me feel normal. Have a great weekend!!

  11. What a sweet loan! It looks like you're putting the machine to very good use already!

  12. The skirt is absolutely darling!! LOVE it!

  13. I love the pockets!!! Congrats on getting to sew!!!! :) I always feel so accomplished after I have sewing days! :)

  14. um, hi. i LOVE that you dressed up like that when you surely had a zillion things to do. but, um, what exactly is your cousing wearing? is that a Santa dress?? i can't tell.

    also, i have extra amounts of love for that skirt!!! is that one of your designs, or is it from a pattern? cause either way i want it.

  15. yay! that's wonderful news! and i LOVE the skirt as well!! super cute ;)

  16. dang girl, a skirt with pockets? and it's so cute! you are amazing!! i wish you could learn to sew from you. yay for your new, temporary sewing machine!!

  17. Excuse me, could you be cuter in your new skirt? Doubt it. Have fun times with your sewing machine!!

  18. hello! i got your blog off of katy's blog. i love all your creativity! and your pillows are really cute. love them.

  19. Ruby Nell?! Haha! i peed a little...
    xoxo lauren

  20. Crafty lady, I love that skirt and the color, so pretty! <3

  21. Kimmy, You crack me up! Ruby Nell will NEVER know! UMH. Love you. Mom

  22. love the post! all fun and happy! And the Janome is favorite machine. Have a great weekend!

  23. Awe...happy birthday to your other best friend! :) That is some awesome sewing! I wish I had the talent. I have that very same necklace too! Haha. Very nice! :)

  24. Cute little skirt! :) (and girl!)


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