Monday, October 25, 2010

handmade monday - tank & tink happy prints

Because of my blogiversary last week((ish)), I went back and read some of my old posts. Some are embarrassing, but some are gold. ;) I used to do a feature called "etsy monday." I don't remember why i stopped. In true "kim fashion," I probably just forgot. typical.

I want to "return to my (bloggin') roots," so to speak, and start doing this feature again. However, because a lot of shops I like are not limited to etsy, but are on big cartel, artfire, or on their own website/domain, it's going to be called 
handmade monday.

So without further adieu, let me introduce you to my first handmade monday feature, Tank & Tink Happy Prints. ((isn't that fun to say?))

I love a good graphic print. I can't wait to dedicate a wall in my future studio/sewing room in Boulder to fun prints in cute frames. I came upon Tank & Tink last week and was just in awe. How great would it be to decorate your space with really attractive prints that are also full of truth and encouragement?

Yes, please. I'll take 3. These three, to be exact.

Make that 4, I would love this to be hung in the entryway for right when I walk in my front door. 
((hello rhyme))
It's so precious. 

Not only are these prints adorable & inspiring, the price is right, folks. Affordability. Boom.
Be sure to check out all of the other sweet prints that Tank & Tink Happy Prints has to offer! 

Happy ((handmade)) Monday, friends!



  1. I LOVE the name of the shop!! How adorable!!! I LOVE the third one!!
    I am so excited to see more handmade goodies in future Handmade Monday posts!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. CUTE!!! I love them all, and you are right...great prices! Thanks for sharing.

  3. those are adorable!! and i love the name of her shop, it is fun to say indeed.

  4. oh my goodness, i love molly june and i love tank and tink. so excited she made your blog!

  5. How sweet! I love this new/old feature, and feel the same way about my early blogging-a mixture of pride and mortification!

  6. That is so fun- I just found her shop last week through a friend & asked her if I could blog about her! :) I got the oh how he loves us print. So excited to get it!!! And hello- the be kind one? Love. Excited for this new series!

  7. Love them all! Very sweet shop!

  8. love your new series, friend! and those prints are so colorful with lots of precious truths. i'm adoring this shop. thanks for a lovely find!!

  9. oh my gosh! I love it love it love it. Who would have known that scripture could look as cool as it feels! Total Awesomeness! xo

  10. hey friend! sorry i'm soo late getting to this blog post but i've been on vacation!!! i LOVE this new monday feature and it's always great to promote the handmade business!! what a lovely shop you've featured here doll!!

  11. AHHH! i just love you. thank you for the feature. thank you for all your nice words up there, too. i think i'm blushing :) xo!

  12. hehe okay I'm pretty sure that from now on every Monday I will have another Etsy shop added to my favourites!!

  13. Hi Kim! Fellow sister in Christ, blogger and Etsian here! And new follower to boot. :)

    Love these prints, especially the Psalm 51:10 one. So pretty. Thanks for sharing! I'm digging handmade monday!

  14. GORGEOUS! Thanks for introducing these incredible prints to us. The God's Word has never looked so good!


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