Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my little sunshine :: a fabric shop

hey everyone! tomorrow is the day! the giveaways start tomorrow, so you better be ready to get your comment & your tweet on. until then i have some goodness for you.


my friend, ashley,  just opened a fabric shop on etsy

it's called ((as you can see)) my little sunshine & you can read about why here. isn't her logo just darling? yes. yes, it is. 

i wanted to tell you about what she is offering for her first 50 customers. 
1. 20% off your entire order ((excluding shipping. duh))
2. a free shipping coupon for your next order with my little sunshine. free shipping! 

if you're wondering if this is really a great deal...YES. this makes the fabrics $6.40 a yard instead of $8. this is unheard of for new anna maria horner ((or any designer for that matter)) fabrics & is only for a limited time! not only that, Ashley is giving 15% of all her income from this shop to Heartline Ministries in Haiti. Heartline is a ministry that tugs on my heart strings & teaches women to sew in order to give them a way to earn an income. i'm so glad my little fabric purchase can do some good for the women in Haiti. 

(( my goal for when we return is to wear more skirts & not rely on my jeans so much. i tend to "dress down" a lot. not to mention, who doesn't feel pretty in a skirt? team it up with some tights, a tank & cardigan, and some cute boots and you are lookin' good. making skirts like this one  or even these with the following fabrics will definitely help me steer in that direction, don't ya think? ))

so head on over to my little sunshine fabric shop & take advantage of this awesome offer! 



  1. oh my! i love fabric... and she sure does have some pretty ones!! thanks for the info about the discount!! :D

  2. oh love it! the fabric patterns are so gorgeous - i love both of the ones you highlighted in the post!

  3. I'm heading there now. Love the fabric samples you've shown here. Can't wait to see what else she has! And I'm happy to support another Ashley. ;)

  4. Those fabrics are beautiful!!! LOVE! So excited for tomorrow :)

  5. Love those fabrics! They're gorgeous!

  6. Mmmm fabric. It's all your fault Miss Kim that I am a fabric snob.

  7. What an amazing resource, and it's hard to resist something fabulous that also goes to a good cause!

  8. Oh Kim, can you just make all my clothing? I've been asked to stop wearing jeans so much and t-shirts. Something about being almost a college graduate and all that stuff. I can't dress like a college student all the time. :)

  9. dang it! i just put in a huge order with aboveallfabric. haha oh well, i will still order something yummy from your friend. i can't resist! ah!


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