Saturday, October 30, 2010

oh, sweet joy + wedding = love.


 I LOVE custom orders for weddings. It brings me a ridiculous amount of joy to see my products being a tiny part of a day that a couple will remember for the rest of their lives. SO humbling & SO cool! I sent this order out a few days before we left the country & Janel sent me some photos recently. 

I made my ((best seller)) Yellow Rose of Texas Headband in three different styles. They look great with those navy dresses, that's for sure!

Here is a video of the wedding that is fun, inspiring, beautiful, and soundtracked by one of my favorite artists, sigur ros. perfect. This particular song ((gobbledigook)) is my favorite song to run to. 

Ryan & Janel from Tyler Faires Productions on Vimeo.

all rights to the video belong to tyler faires productions. 

Call me lame, but I had chill bumps the whole time I watched it. It's just so great to see your products looking beautiful as ever on some lovely bridesmaids!

Congratulations to Ryan & Janel!

happy saturday, friends. 



  1. i love this! YES that is so true. i've done orders for weddings and it made me nervous and excited because i wanted them to love their order esp since its part of such a sacred day.

    i love the yellow headbands with the navy dresses. beautiful!

  2. congrats! they look amazing and i love the yellow and the navy together;)

  3. SO lovely!!! I think that is the coolest thing about selling handmade stuff... thinking that someone is actually going to wear what I made. Love that! And choosing to wear it for a wedding is even more special... congrats dear! :]

  4. congratulations to you! that is so fun being able to have one of your items in a wedding. it makes it extra special! i am currently working on a wedding order for next year, and i am going to cry when i see the wedding party wearing my stuff. it's so rewarding!

  5. Aww - they look so great to those dresses! Congratulations!!

  6. How exciting, and absolutely beautiful they all look in them! As if that weren't enough, the whole wedding is gorgeous!

  7. WOW Kim. Your little headbands are so lovely! I knew that before, of course, but they absolutely make the dresses come together so well! Gorgeous, gorgeous.
    Can't wait to see your new stuff, when you open again :)

  8. I love that color blue especially with those cute yellow head bands!

  9. I love doing wedding orders too. I especially love receiving photos of the weddings. :)

  10. Aw, they are absolutely beautiful! How sweet! That must be such a great feeling. :)

  11. Kim,

    So great. I loved your headbands in our wedding! I looked for hair pieces for my girls for so long, so when I found your site I was so relieved. Thanks for putting together that order so quickly!!!
    About the video--I actually didn't want a videographer either until I saw Tyler's work (he was actually a friend from high school). His other wedding videos on his facebook page are amazing as well!


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