Saturday, November 20, 2010

above all fabric wish list.

this is a wish list that gets longer & longer. thankfully, melanie made it more tempting easier on me by allowing a wish list feature. way to go, mel.  ;)

so here ya go.... a few of the things on my wish list at above all fabric. 

1. Tula Pink's Fans in Sprout. Not out yet, but I'm tapping my foot waiting patiently. 

2. Joel Dewberry's Herringbone ((in berry & maple)) from the Modern Meadow Collection. I have this in the grass, yellow & blue, but think it's such a versatile fabric, I'd love it in more colors. PLUS, I have some products in the works for the fellas in 2011, and this would be perfect. perfect!

3. Sunday Picnic Blouse by Sew Liberated. I don't really do patterns ((my brain doesn't work that way)), but I have heard that theirs are so easy to follow. I will try the Schoolhouse Tunic first and then maybe give this one a whirl. 

There you have it, friends. Head on over to above all fabric and see all the fun fabrics she has to offer! ((including the new anna maria horner voiles & velveteens. heck yes.))



  1. Love all of your picks!! Great colors and designs!

  2. those fans are super cute!! and of course i always love me some joel!!

  3. I agree, those fabrics are fabulous! I need to start trying my hand at crafts. I feel a little out of the loop in this blog world.

  4. Oh a Saturday post? I love Saturday posts. Very few bloggers post on Saturday. Love your picks. I seriously love all of Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow collection. I have several prints too!! I dream of drapes in quite a few of them.

  5. great pics! i love the fans too!

  6. Hey! Thanks for the show encouragement. It was as if all of the buyers (and there were hundreds and hundreds) all wanted gaudy sparkly things. I think I need to find the right venue. Even the director of the whole event was surprised that I did not do better. But I did meet lots of nice people, so not all is lost!

  7. Oooh ooh - the picnic blouse! Wow, love that tie on the blouse!


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