Sunday, November 7, 2010

blog makeover

It was time for the blog to have a mini-makeover. So, thanks to Dana (Dana Sears Design), we got this baby looking a little more color coordinated. See my cute social media buttons over there? Thanks to my friend Cary and to Dana for those as well. 

Now you can find my sponsors all huddled together on the right and all the "blog business" is on the left. Hopefully it's a little bit more organized. 

Have I told you guys lately that I'm incredibly thankful for you? 
No? Well, I am. Every single one of ya. ;)

I hope your weekend has been perfect. 

Also, how cute is this?


  1. can't wait to meet you at creative estates:) your blog looks fab:) i need to do some clean up on mine. :)gina

  2. Oh, it looks great!!! Love the media buttons!! Want some nicer ones as well!!

    Love it!! Hope your weekend is great as well!

  3. love it! already liked you on fb!

  4. Your blog is so pretty, just like you!

    See you in 28 days.

  5. Great makeover! I love the buttons

  6. love the redo! super cute and totally organized!!
    yay and i cannot wait for january!!!

  7. Congrats on the blog makeover - it's like getting a new outfit in your wardrobe! How refreshing :)


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