Friday, November 26, 2010

favorite things friday: Christmas

I hope you had a wonderful day of giving thanks & eating yummy food with your family. 

Thanksgiving is now over ((sad face. we missed it. no turkey or pumpkin pie for us)) and it's officially OK to bust out the Christmas tunes and those Christmas decorations! I won't judge you if you've already done either or both of those things. 

Here are some of my Christmas/Holiday favorites! 

1.  Gussy Christmas stockings. Hello, ruffles! You're pretty.

2.  GORGEOUS Christmas wreaths from Handmade Colectibles.  
((Her name is Cole. I didn't spell it wrong...for the record haha))

3.  Red, white & green bunting! You can thank Snow Fish on etsy for this pretty strand to hang...complete with jingle bells on the ends. 

4. Williams Sonoma holiday message cookie cutters. These are so fun! 

5. Merry Christmustache Cards from My Little Buffalo. I already put my order in. I couldn't resist the hilarity!

29 days until Christmas!!!


**ooh, i almost forgot! the winner of the HollyDay Cards loot is:

 Alison, email me & I'll get you all hooked up with Holly!


  1. I love those cookie cutters... and the mustache christmas cards are pretty baller. :]

  2. i've already received my mustache christmas card! now, i just need to choose who the lucky person will be to receive it. haha

  3. Kim, are you out for hire? I want you to pick our all my xmas decor. Seriously, your taste is flawless.

  4. LOVEEE! Esp the mustache card! LOL! <333

  5. I like the "Burt Reynolds" Card! And those cookie cutters are too cute!

  6. I confess, nearly all our holiday gifts are wrapped and ready to go, and I've been listening to holiday music in secret! So glad I can finally go public without fear of ridicule!

  7. cute stuff! my mom, sister and i are going to make Christmas wreaths tomorrow :) i think i will be using that one as inspiration!

  8. Ooohh! A Christmas bunting banner?!? How cute!!!!

  9. I got to see the Merry Christmustche cards in real life!! I freaked and went and told My Little Buffalo right away! too funny. Sorry you missed all the turkey day fun but you will return SOON!

  10. what an awesome list!!! i love gussy's stockings~!! and bunting banner is my fave!!

  11. I need to get those cookie cutters

  12. I love gussy's stockings. I already ordered those cards too. Love them.

  13. Oh Burt. I have a weak spot for thee! Love those cards! xo

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