Friday, November 5, 2010

favorite things friday: sponsor style

So...see all those fun buttons on the left sidebar? I'm so proud of each & every one of them. I love my sponsors! They all have so much to offer & are all so different, yet incredibly talented. Today I wanted to do a little tribute to my favorite products in my sponsors' shops. Because I can and I want to. I love bragging on them!

1. A Common Thread is new on the roster and if you haven't checked out her shop yet, GO. Her jewelry is all so unique and gorgeous. This knit bow statement necklace is darling.

2. Peggy Ann Designs is having a sale! I'd snatch this frame up if someone hadn't already done so. pout.

3. Lisa Leonard never ceases to make me want a new necklace ((or four)). and, Yep. I'm still wanting this particular one. I think this makes the 4th time I've posted about it. Sue me.

4. Kirra Sue with Lovies has such a good eye for vintage finds! How great would these old books look on a side table in your living room? I'm pretty sure the answer is "really great."

5. My Little Sunshine Fabric Shop has the new Anna Maria Horner fabric, of which I want EVERY design. Her 20% off special is still going on, people! 

6. Flawed Perfection Jewelry is almost always running some sort of special so if you aren't following Megan on twitter, you should! 

7. These pretties just got snatched up, but White Lilie Designs has LOTS of other fun jewelry in her shop. I really like the combination of gold & sparkles in these.

8. Above All Fabric is my go-to for fabrics. Want to know why? Because the more you buy, the more points you earn. What do you get with those points? Umm how about free fabric?  I cashed in some points for this last week. Brooke is going to make me one of these bags with it! YAY!

9. How gorgeous is this statement necklace from Maie Dae? She has some baller headbands in her shop, as well, if you haven't seen them already!

10. Holy Crap. My Girl Thursday continues to bring her A game and create SUCH fun items with vintage or second hand textiles. Head on over to see her new Doily Bags and here's a preview of her screenprinted totes!

11. aPearantly sew has some funnnnn designer fabric goodies in her shop! My favorite is this ruffle bag. 

12. Snnewt has the cutest accessories & headbands. She also recently listed a skirt that is way cute. Have you checked her shop out yet?

13. Dana Sears is a graphic designer, but also makes these cute magnets! Also, please click & read here to see how you can help her family out. 

14. Bird E. Studios makes me want a baby and a dog. I'm just sayin'. How precious would a puppy be rocking this sweet leash?

15.  Need some stationery? How about afforadable AND cute stationery? Here you go. moonbeam wishes is your one stop shop for great cards. TODAY IT'S MEGAN'S BIRTHDAY! happy birthday, sweet one.

16. I'll close with a favorite of mine, Pretty Things by Meg. I've found myself wearing my falling leaves earrings more & more often. They're so perfect to wear with almost anything. I would also wear these pretties in a heartbeat. 

Aren't my sponsors awesome?! 
Happy Friday!



  1. So many beautiful things with lots of hints of yellow too!! Love Posie

  2. VERY cute things you have there!! I love the yellow tones :)brightens the season!

  3. That bow necklace is so fun!!! I need it!

  4. LOVE the collection of old books with the satin ribbon!

  5. Yep, they are awesome! And I can't wait to be one of them! BTW, the bag you you are getting made is so fun!

  6. you've got a great group of sponsors kim!! totally loving the a common thread and maie dae necklaces, soo pretty!! and of i'm proud owner of peggy ann, flawed perfection, pretties by meg, and moonbeamwishes goodies!! :D

    have a happy weekend!!

  7. You are such a sweetheart!!!! <3
    I love all each and every one of these beautiful products!!!!!
    I can't wait to see the bag Brooke is going to make you out of that fabric! and All the wonderful jewelry would be so welcome in my jewelry box!!! :)
    {and I love that S necklace! Keep on blogging about it friend!!} :D
    I just bought a couple of items from My Girl Thursday and I can't wait for them to arrive in my mail box!!!
    Lovely post Kim!!!!!

  8. Mmmm, the family crest necklace is one of my favorites. Lisa Leonard is baller.
    I love absolutely everything on this list. You've got some lovely sponsors, lady! :]

  9. sweet list!

    and everytime you list something from a common thread, you make me run back to that shop. i think it might make my wish list this year!

    oooh and i love that necklace from maie dai! yes for chunky and big for moi!! i also love meg's necklaces!

    so many great links here. :)

    happy friday, kim!!!

  10. that was a long list of pure awesomeness!

  11. Everyone is so talented! Loved seeing everyone's work together! Thanks for the post!

  12. That bow necklace is so adorable, but I'm wild for that amazing frame-I have a Christmas gift for my mom in the works and that would be the perfect finishing touch! What amazing sponsors you have!

  13. You're going to make me broke! Stop posting adorable etsy finds! :)

  14. i really want to go fabric shopping now. have a happy day!

  15. sweeet friend. these are all such fun goodies!

  16. aww i love this!! you do have some pretty fantastical sponsors!

  17. Um, I think you might have some of the best sponsors EVER! Ah. Love love looooooove everything!!

  18. Oooh! What's my favorite out of your list of favorites? I think the bow statement necklace - it would be a challenge for me to find an outfit to wear with it, but ... I'm up for it!

    The White Lilie earrings are gorgeous - no wonder they got snatched up!


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