Monday, November 15, 2010

handmade monday: felt and found

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Happy Handmade Monday! I hope your weekend was all kinds of lovely. 

I've had Felt & Found as one of my etsy favorites for a while now, but I recently rediscovered her pretty felt goodness. 

For those of  you that haven't stumbled upon her fun shop before, Meghan makes beautiful felt hair clips (or they can also be brooches) using gorgeous color schemes. 

See what I mean? 

I'm also a little smitten over this necklace. 

Here's what Meghan had to say to my super professional interview questions ;)

       What inspires you most?
I tend to see everything through an environmental lens.  Whether my hair pieces are mimicking nature through felt flowers or my jewelry is made of found objects and upcycled pieces… nature tends to be the driving force behind many things in my life.  

     What's your favorite color and/or color scheme?
I tend to be most attracted to greens… not the bright Kelly green kind of green… but the yellowy green you find on old vintage upholstered furniture.

     What is the most gratifying part of your handmade business?
The right side of my brain tends to be the dominant side… and so my creative energy is always itching to make or design something.  Having my own handmade business allows that creative energy to be released.  And unlike working for someone else… I’m allowed to trust my own design instincts.

So there you have it! Another handmade shop to inspire you & make you wish you could make cool things out of felt. Head on over to Felt and Found to see what else she's crafting up over there! :)



  1. you know that i LOVE felt - so im loving this shop!! thanks for the intro. :)

  2. Such a cute shop! Thanks for sharing it :]

  3. Ohhh. Very nice. I want to start using felt. Last experience I had with it was probably a felt board in elementary school. I hear it's changed :)

  4. Thanks for the introduction to this shop! I love her work, and now have several more items on my Christmas list :)

  5. I hadn't heard of this shop before. I think I love!

  6. Wow I LOVE this shop. Thanks for helping me find a new favorite :)

  7. What a lovely interview!!!
    I love that necklace!!!
    I am off to check out her shoppe!!!
    Have a wonderful day,

  8. what a super cute shop!! i love that handmade wedding bouquet!!

  9. I love felt!! Thanks for introducing the great shop!

  10. What a great shop! I love the mustard/blue color combo in that first piece!

  11. i'm swooning over her designs!! looove the colors and shapes!


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