Thursday, November 4, 2010

mr. owl

today, i'm also guest posting over at Pure & Noble about floral print decor done well in the home! i'd love for you to hop over, check it out & say hi! 


This weekend, I had an itch to make one of my sweet owls. There is absolutely zero felt to be found on this island...or this country for that straight up fabric had to do. 

This owl is actually made completely out of fabric scraps leftover from projects, old blouses & tees...along with buttons & stuffing of course. The stuffing was from the pillows we had on our bed. They were filled so ridiculously full of stuffing that we couldn't sleep for the first few weeks we moved here. I took out literally THREE shopping bags of stuffing and there is still a LOT left in the pillows. Instead of throwing it away, I used some for decorative pillows for the couch & it's perfect for filling these little guys! 

He's very "fall-ish," no? His nose beak is a little crooked, but I think he's cute. 

Feels good to be sewing again! I gave this sweet Mr. Owl to a little girl who lives on the island....her family is also from the states & we love them dearly. 

Have you made any fun projects this week?
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  1. I think your owl needs glasses, he looks a bit cross eyed.

  2. i love your lil' owls!!! i remember seeing them in your shop and had it on my wishlist. hope you make more of them - esp for creative estates! i might have to snag one. :)

  3. I love him. Seriously. Love him sew much. :)

  4. O!!! How ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!
    I love his little ears and the beautiful fabric you used!!!!!
    I LOVE seeing your sewing projects!! You are SOOO talented and your creations are just too cute!!!
    I want one of these little fellows!! :D
    P.S. Whats with all the stuffing in those pillows?!? But the better question is: What other creations are you going to make to use the stuffing?? ;)
    Have a beautiful day!

  5. i had some time to make some really cute felt flowers in fall colors that i am going to make a necklace with. might even add it to the shop-in-progress! i also tried making a hobo bag, but that was a major fail. haha :)

  6. How adorable-and I'm amazed that he's all scraps!

  7. SO cute! I think I need once of these stat <3 You're super talented and I love that you used scraps!! <33

  8. p.s. i totally just discovered your blog through Megan and am SO excited <33

  9. OMG this is so stinkin cute!! I'm sorry to say I'm too busy job searching to do any fun projects but I love living through yours! Thanks for sharing!

  10. The owls are adorable, Kim! You're so talented! (I especially like the crooked beak on that little guy.)

  11. this is SO PRECIOUS!! I love it! If you have time next week come by and link up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings.


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