Monday, November 1, 2010

sri lanka in photos

this is an extremely picture heavy post with minor commentary. there was no other way to show you all a tenth of our sri lanka photos. you asked. you receive. enjoy!

we loved sri lanka. it was tough, as we got robbed and that sucks. BUT, it was a lot of fun to explore a new place & culture with chase!

we rode around in tuk tuks & in vans. i totally think boulder would be perfectly suited for tuk tuks. 

we visited tea plantations & a tea factory.

we were pooped at the end of every single day. i passed out the second evening. chase thought it was funny & snapped this.

we went to the mountains & saw an incredible sunset & sunrise.

we saw/visited many temples. 

we saw lots of monks. this one is grabbing some flowers for his offering to buddha.

we visited a batik factory.

we went to the botanical gardens.

i scored some cotton candy. the best/most random road side stand EVER.

we climbed 1,200 steps to the top of sigiriya.

chase ate weird custard stuff with honey. 

we rode an elephant. (!!!)

i posed in front of a cute mustard VW bug. this is just for you, arianna. 

we walked around a portuguese fort and saw a music video being filmed. 

and in between all those things,  we ate some rice, curry & rotti, went to pizza hut AND mcdonald's ((gasp. SO not like us...we were so desperate for something familiar!)), enjoyed time together, hung out by the pool at our last hostel, etc. 

now we have a count down of exactly 28 days until we fly home. our classes are ending a little earlier than expected, so we changed our flights to 6 days sooner! we are so pumped. 

i hope your tuesday is fantastic. mine definitely has been so far :)



  1. you rode an elephant?! you are livin' the LIFE, girl :) i need to read back a bit & see what you're even doing there. ha! such fun pics! other than being robbed (boo! hiss!) it looks like so much fun there!

  2. Fun pictures and stories. Still sucks you got the moola stolen. Happy that you're coming home early!

  3. Great pictures! Looks like you had a fun time. And you guys are too adorable :)

  4. LOVE YOUR PICTURES, sweet friend!!!! What a beautiful place! (sorry about ya'll getting robbed though). Yay for coming home soon! <333

  5. Wow, looks like an amazing time! Sorry to hear that you got robbed. :(

  6. This is so incredible! I bet it is a trip you will never forget!

  7. Amazing pictures, and I am sure an amazing experience despite the fact ya'll were robbed :(

  8. Looks like so much fun [except getting robbed]!! I'm so jealous of the elephant ride... you can top just about any story with that one girlie! :]

  9. This looks like an amazing trip! Glad that you had fun, and still found familiar food!

  10. What beautiful photos sweetie!!!
    I am so sorry that some mean person robbed you!!! That is just awful, but I am glad that you didn't let him spoil your time there!!!
    I just adore the transportation and the tea plantations!! How interesting!! I love the photo of you with the leaf, how cute!! P.S. I LOOVE your room!! It is simply beautiful!!! The view form the mountains, the flowers, the nature- it is all so breathtaking!!! and I looove the heart shaped leaf!!! and The COTTON CANDY!!!! yummy!!!!
    I just love this post!!!
    Have a beautiful day friend!!!

  11. beautiful beautiful!! what a fun place to vacation when you're already on the other side of the world! I know y'all are so ready to get back to the states... just in time for Christmas!! enjoy your last few weeks! :)

  12. oh yes, and I've always wanted to ride an elephant... haha

  13. wow i LOVE this recap of sri lanka sweetie!!
    the pics from the tea plantation are soo beautiful, great perspective!
    the elephant is soo adorable, i rode one once in thailand and it was lots of fun! :)
    that's just soo amazing you got to see a new culture with chase, i love going exploring with my husband~!!!

  14. Alright, I neeeed that mustard bug. How awesome would Sophie and I look riding around Boulder in that? Love you.

  15. looks like a fantAstic time! It reminds me a lot of India (especially the tuk-tuks/elephants/& tea fields)...what awesome memories you're making!

  16. What gorgeous photos-I'm in awe! So glad to hear the trip is going well and that you guys are having such an amazing time!

    (As for the McDonald's-my little brother and I caved after 5 weeks of the world's most delicious French food and absolutely NEEDED french fries!)

  17. what an incredible trip! it looks gorgeous there! and how amazing that you got to ride an elephant!!

  18. Wow the pictures are great. I loved seeing them, and getting to see your adventure. I'm so glad you get to come home soon. I know your family is anxious to see you.

  19. sweet pics, girl! im so glad you guys got a break. that picture of you on the bed is so hilarious!

    i know you are there for a purpose - but im so excited for you to be back. you'll get your shop up and going...and also that means it's closer to when we finally get to meet-up!! woohoo!!

  20. Amazing amazing AMAZING photos! Ah, I would especially love to visit the tea plantations and factory! Beautiful photos. I'm sorry you guys got robbed though!

  21. amazing. my sponsored child is from sri lanka, i would love to visit sometime.

  22. Wow, this looks and sounds like an amazing experience!

  23. Kim, this is so cool! You're so adventurous- I love it :) And to be able to do that with your best friend, amazing :) You're a role model to us in offices from 9-5 :) Many hugs!


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