Sunday, November 21, 2010

a sunday special: spool no. 72

I have professed my love for Spool No. 72 on numerous occasions. Their styling is incredible and I can't get over the cohesiveness of all of their unique products. 

They just released their new Winter catalog that is gorgeous, as well as revamped their website.

Take a look at the catalog, but don't get too distracted! Come back for an exciting offer JUST for you!


OK, are you back? Here's the deal. :)

For a very limited time (hurry!), the Spool No. 72 team wants to offer Yellow Songbird readers a special 10% discount site-wide. This even includes their new salvaged collection! Just use the code "Spool" at checkout to receive this special offer. YAY!

Between you & me, I'd buy this entire outfit from their fall collection. Can you believe that necklace?! beautiful...and I'm pretty sure i need that sweater vest. Need, I tell you.



  1. what a super cute shop! i think you'd look great in that outfit kim!! :)

  2. What gorgeous pieces! I'll have to check out the shop-thank you for the introduction!

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