Thursday, December 16, 2010

designs by katrin reifeiss: silk scarf review

So here's the deal, I love to accessorize. If I didn't look completely ridiculous, I'd wear a scarf, hat, belt, headband, earrings, bracelet, watch, tights, and some cute boots all in one outfit..and probably a necklace under the scarf.  My favorite accessory of all time is the scarf, and my collection is getting ridiculous awesomely ample. 

I was recently contacted by Katrin Refeiss to review one of her gorgeous scarves. I gladly obliged ;)

Katrin makes silk scarves and hand dyes them in her Brooklyn studio. That alone makes me want to be friends with her, but it gets even better. Katrin has a scarf set in her shop that she gives 100% of her profit to the Silk Lab Project in Cambodia. SO cool, right? You can read more about Katrin here

Anywho, I chose the pinwheel scarf and I l-o-v-e it. Nothing like a pop of color to add to your outfit. The scarf is ridiculously soft ((hello, it's silk)) and it just makes me feel fancy. The quality is great and I was impressed with the size of it ((most square scarves are too small to wear the way I prefer to wear them)).

So, as you can see, I chose to layer it with some summery colors ((I was feeling colorful, ok?)), and but I can't wait until the spring when I'll be rocking it with my favorite white v-neck. Jackpot!

Please check out Designs by Katrin Reifess this instant and see the pretty pretty silk scarves she makes. 

Here are some bonus features to help convince you ((not that you need to be convinced, you're probably already adding 3 to your cart)):
1. Free shipping through December 20th. Can't beat that!
2. All scarves come in a silk drawstring bag to help keep it nice & neat.
3. Buying handmade makes you cooler.



  1. What a beautiful scarf!!!! I love the color and the dress you are wearing it with is so lovely and poppy!! :)
    and yay for handmade!!!! :D

  2. very pretty! scarves are my favorite accessory, too. but, that's mainly because during this time of year the color of my makeup doesn't match the color of my pale neck. :)

  3. I like the last point the most hahaha! I love the scarf!

  4. You are SO pretty!!! I love the scarf you chose!!! Def a great accessory! <333

  5. You look so pretty!! Lovely scarf and dress!

  6. It'll be absolutely outrageous with a white tee-love this!

  7. Too cute! I'm also an accessory addict! I feel like I'm naked if I don't have a scarf, necklace, tights, pair of earrings or tons of layers on (or, all of the above)! And I am also a white v neck addict! Gap tees are by far superior to any other t I've worn :)

  8. pretty pretty scarf!! hope you're having fun in college station (i saw your tweet), I must say, I'm pretty jealous!! :)

  9. I love the dress you have on! I also have a slight obsession with scarves. It's a little out of hand, yet I still asked for more for Christmas :)


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