Friday, January 28, 2011

ask me ((almost)) anything

I'm almost back in my groove where I will start doing Favorite Things Friday & Handmade Monday posts.  If you're lucky, a bi-monthly What to Eat Wednesday post with my favorite recipes will be thrown in the mix as well. 

Until then...I get lots of questions via email and sometimes in comments regarding where I live, where I buy my fabric, how I "grew" my blog, how I learned to sew, etc. 

I thought it would be fun if you guys ((ahem. y'all)) put any question you are wanting to know in the comment form.  Anything you want to know! Ask away...but keep it clean ;)

 I'll work on getting them answered and do a post next week!

readyyyyy go! don't leave me hanging. this could be awkward haha



  1. I have a few questions.

    1. How did you come up with your business name?
    2. How did you become so successful?
    3. Tips that help with the creative process?

  2. 1. I'm looking into purchasing a sewing machine for home projects. Do you have any recommendations for a good reliable (affordable) sewing machine?

    2. Have any good date night ideas/favorite dates with your husband?!

    Thanks so much!! :)

  3. Have you always been so strong in your faith? Since my son was born I feel a need to know God better. Any advice?

  4. what's the first thing you ever made on a sewing machine?

  5. where in the world do you find different colored pearl snaps? the only ones I can find are white. :O(

  6. What wonderful questions! I'll be so curious to see what your answers are to these great queries!

  7. 1. How do you roll your toilet paper - over or under?

    2. How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

    3. Why do you make so many pretty things?

    4. In all seriousness, where did 'yellow songbird' come from?

    5. In relation to #3, when are you gonna have a baby? i bet it would be pretty since you and your hubs are both pretty.
    i only ask because people keep asking me as if this is an appropriate question to ask a lady.

  8. What is your favorite quote?

    What inspires you the most?

    What is the song that's been stuck in your head lately?

  9. * If you could live anywhere else in the U.S., where would it be?

    * Can anybody learn to sew? I just got a sewing machine, and I'm having doubts. :)

  10. How do you make hot chicken salad?

  11. do you have any valentines day gift/craft/decor ideas?

    if you were to make a "just-to-make-you-smile" care package for a friend, what are some things you'd throw in there?

    would you make and then sell me some of those adorable vegetable tin pencil holders?

    would you make yellow songbird tshirts?

    what do you do that is "green" as a company/person?

    would you make yellow songbird tshirts?

    what's going in your garden come spring?

    p.s. i loooove i love lucy too!!

  12. The name yellow songbird. Where did it come from?

    Are yellow and blue your favorite colors?

    How long did you and your man date before you got married?

    How does he feel about your handmade biz?

    Does he understand your love of blogging?

  13. WOW those are great questions- can't wait to see the answers:)

    How did you grow your blog? I personally don't have a niche for my blog,just random personal day to day, do people want to read that?

    Whats your favorite color?

    Whats yours and hubby's middle names? curious- mine is May.

    If I as a blogger follow a lot of people but how do I get others to want to follow me? :( sad face!

    Thanks Can't wait!!! <3, N


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