Thursday, January 27, 2011

random thoughts in bullet form

*I want to make some of these. Anyone have a good mallow recipe?

 *I got a haircut yesterday & acquired bangs. I'm welcoming myself back into the 7th grade ((disclaimer: already used that joke on facebook)) & don't know how I feel about them yet. 

*I added some new necklaces into the shop today and also marked several necklaces "ON SALE." Did the one you were eyeing get marked down? Check them out here. 

*Chase & I also got our iphones yesterday. We may or may not already be addicted.

*Today was sunny & warm so I decided to test out my new running shoes. The run, quite honestly, kicked my butt.

*Yesterday, I also added some new carry-all totes to the shop. Check those out here. 

*An opportunity has come up from the surface & I may get to teach some sewing classes! I get to sit in on a sewing class today that I may get to take over & teach. Pumped!

*Don't forget about the awesome giveaway below! Who doesn't want some free fabric? :)



  1. I would most definitely take a sewing class from you if you were local. =) Loving the new totes too!!

  2. wow these are some fun bullet points! here are a few of my own ::

    - so fun you got bangs, i bet they look great on you! picture please.

    - i am super jealous you got an iphone

    -that is amazing that you may get to teach sewing classes!! i would MOST DEFINITELY go if i lived near you!

    that's all :)

  3. Teaching sewing classes?! AWESOME! OH, how I wish I lived closer!!! I tried the bangs thing... lasted one day. I just have the side ones. Still annoying but I feal with them.

    Have a lovely day! <333

  4. I'm moving to Boulder so I can take your class. Mrs Davis.

  5. I think your bangs look adorable! And I love the new necklace! :)

  6. I've used Martha Stewart's marshmallow recipe with much success, they're crazy easy!

  7. I saw your photo on twitter! You look SO good with bangs! Good work haha.

  8. I haven't made these, but I have made a lot from her website that I adore (anyone who makes cook cupcakes is fine by me!).

  9. cute totes, girl! loving all the new products!!
    as for a hot chooclate recipe, allison from appearantly sew had a good one! i hadnt tried it yet but it sounded super good. check out her blog for it!

  10. love all the new products! i think the budding branches is my favorite!
    i've used alton brown's marshmallow recipe. easy & fun & delicious!

  11. LOVE the random thoughts! Sewing classes are so much fun. i teach the young girls here on the base, and they LOVE it! you'll be such a blessing to everyone in it :)

  12. What fun!!! I would LOVE to learn to sew from you!! :) HAve a wonderful weekend Kim!! xoxo

  13. Kim the Marshmallows are really fun and super easy! I just made them recently and they were a big hit with everyone! I used a recipe from the nienie dialogues, but I have also used Martha Stewarts. Both are great. Even more delicious in hot cocoa. :)

    Another fun tibit... find some small canning jars, fill with cocoa mix and top it with your fun heart shaped mallows. Tie it with a cute ribbon and leave on a goods friend door step with a cute little note. Always brightens up their day, and is fun for us too. :)

    I hope you have fun with them!! :)

  14. Hooray for getting a hairdo with bangs!


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