Monday, January 17, 2011

thanks & ahmelie giveaway winner!

First, let me say THANK YOU to everyone who supported my shop re-opening this past weekend. Everyone who tweeted, helped promote, commented, sent an encouraging email, or purchased some items just made my heart pitter patter. Last week was my first "go" at doing this handmade thing full time and I had a blast. Thanks for the support & love, y'all!

Now to the winner of the Ahmelie $25 Store Credit :)

Shandell, email me with your info & I will get you all hooked up with Ahmelie! 


I put a new product in the shop today! Click here to see more about this little beauty. 


p.s. check out my stellar sponsors over there on the right! i've got some new ones on the roster & i *heart* them. 


  1. so glad your first week went well!! that's so awesome you're doing it full time!

  2. congrats to the lucky winner! gussy is posting a series about people going full-time handmade/small biz, so inspiring!! yay for your new bags!


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