Thursday, February 17, 2011

lots of DIY going on around here ((+ a sale announcement))

First thing's first...tomorrow oh, sweet joy is having a HUGE sale! 
prepare yourself for these savings:
ALL fabric frame necklaces - $20
coffee cuffs AND covered button earrings - 10% off
DIY owl kits - $8
special coupon code ((TBA)) for 5% off anything else in the shop! ((which you may not use for double discounts on sale items. tisk tisk for even considering it!))

now. onto the show. :)

This week, I've become a big fan of spray-paint. It's such a fast & easy solution to "repurposing" and DIY projects...and the fact that I don't have to search around the house for a paintbrush is a huge bonus. 

Here are some projects I've been working on this week.

Project #1:
Picture frame. 

here's what it was before
((sorry for the ugly iphone pic))
I scored the frame for $1.99 from Pier1. I love wearing purple, but for decor...not so much. I primed it (spray paint) and then spray painted it green. For now it's holding this fun print from My Little Buffalo, but in the future, I think I'll use it for my handmade market displays. 

Project #2:
Egg Carton Jewelry Holder

I bought two ceramic egg cartons (one white, one robin's egg blue) from Anthropologie. I thought they'd be perfect for holding covered button earrings during my handmade markets. 

Once I brought them home, I wondered if I could just make them myself. Same story, primed then spray painted. They turned out ok...I definitely won't be using them on my displays, but's pretty dang convenient to hold spare jewelry on my bedside table! Go ahead, Real Simple. Use this for your "new uses for old things" feature ;)

Project #3:
Chalk board canvas.

I had an old canvas that I primed, used two coats of chalkboard spray-paint and voila. A perfect mini chalkboard. 

Project #4:
Vintage Owl

No lie, I've been on the hunt for an owl like this for over a year. My bestie, Ari, sent me a text with a picture of this ((still don't know if she was being sarcastic or not haha)) and said "good vintage or bad vintage?" I said BUY IT & SHIP IT TO ME PRONTO! In a more polite way of course..
Primed it and again, a few coats of ivory spray-paint. I love all the texture it has from the wings, feathers, etc. 

Have you done any fun DIY projects lately?!



  1. look at you and your DIY goodness!!! thanks for sharing. i love love love the egg crate for jewelry and the chalkboard canvas. i'm totally into the chalkboard paint these days!

  2. Looks good!! I have a question for you. Your timing is awesome btw! Yesterday I spraypainted some wine bottles and around the third coat, they did this thing where the paint kind of crackled to look like a spiderweb? Why did it do this? I was using ivory! :)

  3. ohhh i love the chalkboard and the frame!! you are sooooooo creative girl!! send some of that creativity my way, would ya?! ;) i unfortunately haven't had any time for DIY lately, boo!!

  4. im so bad with DIYs - but you always inspire me! love it. :)

    and a sale?! looking forward to it, girl! i'll be there first!!!!

  5. eeeep!! I LOVE the egg cartons!!! How ingenious!! And that green frame looks beautiful!!!! The purple was pretty but the green color really pops!! And that owl is sooooooooooo magical!!!! I have yet to find one for myself, but I am on the look out!!! :)
    Have a wonderful day crafty lady!!!

  6. Just made a roundup of DIY tutorials I want to do.

    Hey, saw your interview on Sandy A La Mode and loved it! I had no idea you did this full time. If you're still available over spring break, I'd love to meet and hear more about your time overseas and your shop! Oh and marriage and background stories and all that good stuff too, naturally. =)

  7. KIM!!! You are a DIY genius! I LOVE THAT OWL!!!!! AH! I want. So excited for your shop sale!! :)

  8. no sarcasm about the owl. It was a legit question! The ivory makes it look better than the original. I bet that was a pretty awesome accessory back in the 70's, but now it is worthy of anthro! Nicely done, bestie!

  9. Love your cute blog!!

    Totally agree, spray paint is awesome for restoring old items!

    Visit me @

    Your newest follower

  10. Holy cow, that's a lot of DIY! I'm envious, actually-my big project lately has been my sweetheart's recital program, but it's all MS Word formatting and no spray painting!

  11. i love the owl. i just saw something like it and thought how cool. i never would have seen what you saw!! looks really cute. wanna sell it?? ;-)

  12. That is a good owl. I have a billion spray painted owls around my house. Love it.

  13. Okay, the next time I see an ugly owl at Goodwill, I might just have to pick it up. Because your new owl is fantastic!

  14. I'm planning on using some flat lack spray paint to some money on new hinges for my kitchen cabinets. We are going to replace the handles but the hinges are brass.
    You've inspired me to do some prettier things with spray paint in the future.

  15. These are absolutely awesome! You are diy queen! everything look so fabulous!

  16. Love the owl!! New follwer, love your great blog!

  17. YAAAY I've been spray painting like crazy this week too! So fun! Your stuff looks better than mine though LOL. I think I'm missing primer in my steps... oops. Cute stuff!

  18. I just found your blog.. O my goodness. You are so talented.. My New Favorite Blog.. no lie!!! I'm obessesed! xx Liz Marie

  19. i love these ideas! we are having a link party if you would like to come join!

  20. Wow, you so have an eye for the spray-paintable! That's incredible. Love all of it. I want one of those anthro egg crates too. Too bad spray painting a real one didn't go as well as you had hoped. Still turned out great. Love that green color so much!

  21. I love the owl!! Great job on your re-makes of these fabulous things!

  22. Love the owl & the picture frame! That green color is gorgeous!!

  23. Oh i love that frame!!! in fact i love all of them, but thats my fave <3


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