Friday, February 25, 2011

pinwheel tutorial

hello, friends! 

So, I'm planning on bringing back Favorite Things Friday next week. YAY! I  was going to this week, bu figured bringing back Handmade Monday AND having a post every other day this week will be enough. ;)

Not to mention...I have a FUN tutorial to share with y'all today!

After seeing this camera strap by Shey*B, 

I wanted to make a paper version of these for photo props, putting in vases, hanging them on the wall in my studio, etc. I went on the hunt for paper at Michael's and for a good tutorial. I couldn't find one that suited my fancy...and my first try I made GIANT ones! This tutorial is for smaller ones that are much more useable :)

Note: These are not functioning pinwheels ((although I'm sure you could rig them to be)). Sorry.... we're just about eye candy today haha

Let's get started! 

Here's what you need:

scrapbook paper ((it's more exciting if there's a print on both sides))
push pin
hole punch
wooden dowels OR bbq skewers :)
floral wire

One sheet of scrapbook paper will make 4 pinwheels. I'm just going to show you how to make one and you can repeat with all the other squares :)

Fold your paper lengthwise, and then again, to make 4 squares. 

Cut along those lines. 

 Cut from each corner, almost to the middle. 

Punch holes in one corner of each triangle. Sorry this is super out of focus, but I wanted to give you a guide for where to punch the holes. 

 Use your pushpin to punch a hole in the middle. 

Fold your floral wire in half and thread a button onto it. 

Start (loosely) folding the holes over the middle hole & hold them in place. 

Once you have all four folded in, poke the two ends of the floral wire into the hold and pull through. 

 Put your dowel or skewer through the two pieces of floral wire. Twist close to the dowel and then wrap the remaining wire around the dowel. 

Repeat with other squares & paper in any color your heart desires!

Put in a milk bottle or mason jar, use in a photoshoot, hang in a nursery, or stick them in the ground.
Just be prepared to become addicted to making them.

If you're short on time and would rather buy them, you can snag some from this etsy shop! 



  1. ahhh how fun! I totally JUST made some two days ago out of fabric! because of Shey B's camera strap! LOVE 'em... very fun!

  2. so fun! what a great tutorial. thank you

  3. You've made this look so easy to do! Thanks for sharing with us :) Now I can put some of my scrapbook paper scraps to good use!

  4. super cute kim!! i will totally be trying these...what a great way to make things feel more spring and summer-ish!!

  5. ack!!! SOOOOOO cute!! I LOVE it!!!!! xoxoox

  6. thanks for this kim! i'm going to make some tonight for my nephew's baby shower!

  7. Ah so cute! I've never made an actual pinwheel before, but I made some little pinwheel hair accessories out of felt this week and I'm really happy with them. So springy!

  8. What an adorable tutorial! You make it look so easy!

  9. Super fun! I'd really like to make some. Perfect for the kids' room. Thanks for posting!

  10. K this is adorable, and how have I JUST now found your adorable blog?! LOVE IT and following you now.

    ps. I love Jesus too! Amen sista'! There is nothing better than supporting fellow followers of Christ. : )

  11. yay! I've been wanting a tutorial on how to make these. thanks!

  12. Yay for pinwheels, these would make awesome plant pokes.

    -Much love, Kim and Mr. Gnome

  13. love love love it, kim!! you are so crafty it kills me. :)

  14. OH MY GOSH. I have been meaning to find a pin wheel tutorial for over a week! This is so awesome! Thank you so much for sharing.


  15. Great tutorial, thank you! I made them for my baby shower, you can check them out here:
    I also posted a link to your step-by-step from my blog :-)


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