Thursday, February 24, 2011

psalm 23

Excuse me, while I use this blog to sort through some stuff/digest/be open & honest. k, thanks.  :)

I've been in a valley lately, which is interesting because I'm also in such a thankful "season" of life and's a dry and low valley. God is overflowing my cup. He is allowing me to not only stay at home & pursue my passions, but is blessing the JUNK out of my business ventures. 

((He continues to pursue me & bless me, even when I'm disobedient and selfish with my time))

For some reason, however, I am not wanting to dig in the Word and spend an extended amount of time in prayer. Sure,  I'll read my Bible to check it off. I'll read my book that tells me how to to be a good wife. I'll pray when I'm sewing and driving and running. 

(( He reminds me it is not about religion, but a relationship ))

I've been more concerned with checking my sales in the morning than digging into His word. How messed up is this? I mean, all good things come from why wouldn't I FIRST jump at the chance to meet with Him in the morning & soak up His presence, rather than it being an afterthought once I get my orders done & shipped for the day. 

(( I'm so undeserving of  the grace of my Father. ))

However, I know that in my heart, in this valley, my meaningless religion will not suffice. It will not snap me out of this funk (ps this is not a "depressed" funk. just a "spiritual" funk, where I can't seem to get in the groove and don't feel God speaking to me.) I'm realizing I don't feel/hear Him speaking because I'm not listening. I pack my days with to-do lists, errands, cutting, sewing, packaging. I LOVE these things and these things are GOOD. But I'm distracting myself with them and I am not LETTING Him speak to me.

(( His patience overwhelms me. ))

When I'm stressed out and just consumed with busy-ness, He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. ((psalm 23:2-3))

I'm so thankful for how He gently brings me back to Himself. He's so, so good & gracious. 

What is the Lord showing you lately?

((another good listen that's definitely related to this post: the valley song by jars of clay))



  1. This what so very exactly what I needed to read this morning.
    I've been blessed with so many incredible gifts in my life right now, and yet I recently realised I'm loving the gifts far more than the giver.
    Thank you for sharing x

  2. i love the statement "its not about religion but relationship"---> that's truth my friend. it's a relationship...a personal one that does not look like another. i love that part of knowing god. that we are in a relationship and it has ups and downs. but he is always there. ever present.
    thanks for sharing your heart sweet friend!

  3. I know what you mean about feeling in a funk - you read the word because you've kinda got to but you don't connect with it.

    The best way I described it to my friend a while back was that when I was about 4 I lost my Mum in a department store - I knew she wouldn't leave me but I couldn't see her and so I panicked. I know God is there and that he won't leave me but because I can't "see" him or what he's doing in my life then I freak out. (Does that make sense? I know not necessarily theologically correct lol.)

    Try You Never Let Go by Matt Redman - thats a cool song you might like :)

  4. Just like our relationships with people change overtime maybe your and God's is evolving as well. You are using the gift he blessed you with to bring him glory and to spread His Word. What parent wouldn't be happy to see their child flourish in a skill they gave them? So when you are checking your sales, you are really checking the blessings God is giving you. Not that we should ever stop seeking Him, but maybe He's speaking to you in a new way... Hope you find your way out of the valley soon!

  5. i think so many of us get caught up in that cycle - we pray for the Lord to lead us where we should be, we get there and then get caught up in the blessings He has provided. but you brought it back to God. you're drawing closer to Him and your relationship will stand strong :-) thank you for sharing your thoughts and keepin it real ;-)

  6. God is teaching me to focus solely on him and not being pleased by other people, things, whatever!

  7. Girl, I'm so there... I call it my "dry spell" instead of "valley", but same idea. David keeps reminding me of james 4:8, but no matter how I try to "draw near" I just don't feel His presence like I did before we left Tallahassee...
    A mentor I once had told me that God takes us through various seasons... some where He's fellowshiping with us very obviously [glorious!!], and then others where we have a hard time "feeling" His presence. It's heartbreaking to me because I can remember the bliss I felt in my not-dry season[?], and I ache to feel it again. But I know that He's teaching me through this time [and He's been good to give me a couple of much needed pushes in the right direction- like last week's forgiveness breakthrough]. I guess it's just hard because I feel like most of the time I'm just going through the motions with reading his Word, praying, singing praises... it's hard to really want to do it when I feel dried up, ya know?
    Whew, wrote you a book! :] Point being: I think I know how you feel, and I'll be praying for you!

  8. Oh, wow. I can totally relate. Its so, so easy for me to get distracted with everything that is going on in my life and with my business. Yes, they are good things, but how important it is to keep God as my focus. And its definitely gotta be more than the mental "check list" of "ooh, now I can cross this off my 'God-list.'" Its ALL about relationship. And when I have a God who loves me SO MUCH and has blessed me SO MUCH, why would I put other things ahead of Him?
    Thanks for keepin it real, girl!

  9. wow. we are in the same place.
    praise Him in the valleys and on the mountain top.

  10. oh how i can relate! it seems when i get in a rut like this all i can do is think back to the times when i felt God's strong presence. that kind of thinking only spirals me further down into thinking about how far from Him i am. rachel is right... praise Him in the valleys and on the mountain top. praise Him because He is a constant. whether i feel close or far away He remains the same. praying for you girl!

  11. love that song. love your heart. love your honesty.

    God's teaching me that i get stuck in the past, think too much about the future, and miss today. so i'm trying with all my might, through His holy spirit, to be here. just here. not yesterday or tomorrow.

  12. Love when you said its not about religion but a relationship. So many christians forget about this. How lucky we are to have such an amazing selfless Father. I haven't been active in His Word lately either. I spend way too much time on so many other things... I needed this. Thank you! Love you! Praying for you <3

  13. I think a lot of people are going through this "funk" I know I am! THANKS for your words, your words of truth and honesty. On another note I did give you a stylish blogger award.

  14. Thank you for sharing this. Wow. This whole "in the valley" thing has been on my heart a lot lately and how God brings us in and gets our attention most when we feel like we're in that valley. Man, life is hard but I'm so thankful and overwhelmed by how He's there with open arms and ready to embrace us. Thank you for sharing your heart with your readers and keepin' it real.

  15. This is a fantastic post & one that I can totally relate to right now! Our small group actually prayed together for over an hour about this exact topic last night! We all fill spiritually empty right now & haven't been feeling his presence or hearing from him. We all long for him & to be filled with his holy spirit!

    When you talked about how you wake up check your sales in the morning, I can relate to that as well! I wake up in the morning & immediately want to check my blog or my email so that I can see my new comments & hear from my readers. Really?!? I would rather hear from my readers than hear from God? That is seriously messed up!!

    Gotta get out of this funk...gotta dig into his word...gotta put him first in my life! Thank you for good to know that other people are struggling with the same things I am!

  16. friend... first, our worship band TOTALLY rocked out Jon Foreman's House of God, Forever last Sunday! second, you are loved, by me..and more importantly by the most GRACIOUS heavenly Father!! He's gracious for a reason... remember that ;)

  17. Just came through a place like this, except my spiritual dry time was because I had let fear take over and run my mind rather than the peace of Jesus. It so amazes me how nothing I do can ever make God love me more or less. He is always there, quietly (or sometimes not so quietly) speaking love over me, interceding on my behalf, loving me, waiting for me to return to His love and peace and joy. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I think community is such an important thing as believers and letting ourselves be vulnerable with one another can set us free as well as others. It is good to know that we do not carry our burdens alone.

  18. God is teaching me to let him work and just revel in the ride. First came the long, tough time of learning to be still (which I will never master, but seem to have improved enough to move on). Then there was this stage of obeying God's plan for me, when it was so obvious. Now I feel like I'm learning to go along when the plan isn't clear at all. I'm so glad to be growing right now, and finding it not at all as painful as the God-growing I was experiencing this time last year. I guess the placement of our hearts really does make all the difference! But man I've got a long way to go!

  19. Wow! I couldn't have written this better myself! I feel the exact.same.way lately!!! And truth be known, I feel close to the Lord right why don't I desire more to be in His presence? Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. I totally read this post on Thursday and thought, wow, Kim is really blessed with her way with words. I think I was caught up in how moving what you wrote was that I overlooked what passage you were even writing on. Bad me. Anyways, coincidence that we blogged about the same passage? I think not!

  21. The Lord is showing me more about love. Sounds cliche, but for me...oh-so-true. I can be so critical at times. I definitely need to be more forgiving and loving, patient, and kind. Thanks for the post, Kim!

  22. along those lines, He teaches me that anything I love, want, adore, or am obsessed with more than Him is an idol. And that none of those things are worth losing one moment of time with my first love over those things.


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