Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 in 1: guest post and skirt tutorial!

I have asked my friend and fellow Aggie, Caroline of Cotton Lane to guest post for me today. I had several of you ask me to do a skirt tutorial, but thought Caroline would be more than capable of this job. Enjoy!! And for the record, this is exactly how I make my skirts too, so baddabing. You've got yourself a winner. 


Hey, y'all! This is Caroline from Good Times Never Seem Sew Good. I'm thrilled to be guest posting for Kim today!

Spring is RIGHT around the corner, and this time of year I always get an itch for my legs to come out of  my uncomfortable blue jeans. So today, I've got a super fun and easy tutorial for you guys on how to make a simple skirt

I promise, if you have a sewing machine.. you can make this skirt! (its that simple)

Here's what you need:
about 3/4 yard of cute designer fabric prewashed
1-1 1/2 inch thick elastic
coordinating thread
fabric scissors
tape measurer
a threaded sewing machine
a hot iron

Start by measuring the biggest part of your bum all the way around. Take that measurement and divide it  by two and add 2.5 inches. (my final measurement is 22").

Now, cut two rectangles that measure your measurement (22") x 21" and pin them right sides together (the 21" side).

Sew a 1/4" seam on each of the sides you pinned.

Decide which end will be your top and bottom and create a casing for the elastic on the top. To do this, your skirt should be wrong-side out. Fold over your fabric the width of your elastic (mine is 1.5") plus 1/4" for the seam and iron flat all the way around the top of your skirt. 

Once the casing is ironed, sew a 1/4" seam almost all the way around the wrong side of your fabric.

Once you get almost all the way around your waist (about 2" left) STOP... and get out your elastic.

Measure your elastic comfortably around your waist (without stretching), subtract 3-3.5 inches, and cut!

Put a large safety pin on the end of your elastic and begin to feed it through the casing. Feed the elastic all the way through your casing making sure it doesn't twist (otherwise your waistband will be twisted!). 

When its all the way through, sew your elastic ends together with a zig zag stitch. Be sure to go back and forth several times so it is extra secure!

Now, you sew up the 2 inches of casing you left open.

Next is the hem. Now, if you have a serger, by all means, use it. However, I don't.. so this is how I sew the hem.

I ironed a 1/4-1/2 inch seam and sewed all the way around the skirt.

Flip it right side out and...

See how easy that is? I'm talking simple. I have several skirts like this that I have made over the past few weeks and almost always get compliments on them. I'm convinced its because of the beautiful designer fabric I use. My favorite fabric shop is My Little Sunshine (if you wanted to know) ;)

Thanks so much, Kim! I've loved being a part of your blog family!!


Thank YOU, Caroline!! 



  1. Man, as if I haven't decided to start doing enough crafting recently. Now I want to make a skirt. Great Post!

  2. cute. totally trying it...this weekend!

  3. i've only ever sewn simple curtains, pillow covers, and a dress with a jacked up zipper that i never wore and sold in a yard sale for $2. but, i think i might could do this! thanks so much for sharing your designer fabric store, cause i have no idea where to buy fabric.

  4. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing! :D

  5. Love this! I've tried making myself skirts several times, but they always end up too bunchy, too much fabric...I will try this one and {hopefully!} get it right. Thanks for the tutorial, Caroline! :)

  6. That is adorable! I'll have to try this even though I'm still scared of the sewing machine I got for Christmas!

  7. Such a good tutorial! I think I'll be making one sometime soon now!


  8. Looks so easy! I'm going to try it next week over break...hopefully it will turn out just as cute! Thanks for sharing Caroline, and thanks Kim for letting her :)

  9. wow---i really need to get on this elastic bandwagon, i had no idea it was so easy to use! will definitely be trying this---oh & thanks for the fabric shout out *blushing*

  10. Thanks Caroline for this great tutorial! I am bookmarking this for future reference! When I get my sewing machine...I am definitely making one of these! Too cute!

  11. you ladies are all so talented with a sewing machine! i have one - but it intimidates the life out of me. will. attempt. one. day. or you and caroline can come over to teach me. ;)

  12. I really need to make more skirts! They just are so fun and so cheap when you do them yourself!

  13. eeeeep!! I love this!!!! I think I am going to have to figure out my sewing machine so I can attempt this project!!! thanks Caroline and Kim for this!!! xoxo

  14. Looks great!! Thanks for sharing--I need to check out her blog now too. I'm new to yours from FW&MP

  15. i totally need to make one of these!! they are adorable!!!

  16. whoosa. that really looks like a quick and dirty sewing project. must make me one of those for the summer. thanx for sharing.

  17. I'm going to try and make a maternity version of this skirt hopefully this weekend! so excited! :)

  18. I'm so excited about this one! I have yet to try and sew a clothing item, this one might be my first go :) love the print too! Thank you Caroline and Kim!

  19. Love your blog (I live in CO too!), and I love this tutorial! I just made it, and it turned out FANTASTIC! You can see my version on my blog:
    Thanks Caroline & Kim!

    ok i usually get the "internet explorer cannot display this webpage" if there's something wrong with a site or my connection. but lately, i've been getting this page and part of the address is "" and i get it A LOT! even on sites i regularly visit or in pages of a site. is it a virus? malware? how can i make it stop?

  21. thanks for your tutorial! i made my first last night. it is simple as you described. now i can have these cute skirts to opt for in the summer heat instead of shorts. excellent.

  22. I just made this, with your help! Thank you so much!! Because the skirt isn't lined, I used a heavy weight fabric (actually a drapery fabric), which worked out to be SO cute!!


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