Monday, March 28, 2011

24 random facts for my 24th birthday


I've seen a few blog friends do this lately & thought I'd join the party! Today is my 24th birthday and I thought I'd come up with 24 random facts about me for your reading pleasure ;) Readyyyyy? Go!

1. I paint my nails ((at least)) twice a week.

2.  I have two older brothers, I'm the baby girl!

3. I cringe when people use the phrase "you deserve it." No need to step onto my soap box to tell you why. 

4. I'm an employee of Anthropologie. ((BIG smile))

5. I'm super competitive. 

 6. I've worked my butt off and am SO thankful for Oh, Sweet Joy and the success God has blessed me with in the past 3 months. 

7. Besides Chase, my best friend in the world is my cousin, Jarratt. Here we are in a school play in Elementary School being George & Martha Washington haha!! 
 ((My mom sewed that dress!))
and this is us in how time flies ;) 

8. I suck at using patterns & I'm convinced that my brain just doesn't work that way. If I make something for myself, I make it up as I go...dresses, handbags, skirts, tops, etc.

 9. Chase and I LOVE concerts and are going to see Iron & Wine for the first time this summer, as well as Ray Lamontagne for the second time. Be still my heart.

 10. Although I thoroughly enjoy Ray, Iron & Wine, the Decemberists, Mumford & Sons, the Avett brothers, etc...I would choose to listen to oldies over anything. ANYTHING. 

11. I wear 4 rings at all times. My wedding ring & engagement ring, my Aggie ring ((whoop!)), and a James Avery Ring that reminds me of New Zealand :)

 12. Speaking of New Zealand, I LOVE to travel -- I've been to Africa, Paris, New Zealand, the Maldives, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and ONE day I would like Chase to take me to Iceland. Yes. Iceland.

13. I used to have a nose ring and would like to get it re-pierced. See above photo ;)

14. I rarely go a day without drinking a Dr. Pepper. But no Diet Dr. Pepper, please. Sick.

15. My maiden name is Huddleston.

16. I would LOVE to sing back up vocals//harmonies for Bethany Dillon...just ONCE!  I met her at a concert when Chase & I first got married. B-Dill...want to be best friends? 

17.  I have *almost* decided that I'm going to train for/compete in a triathlon. I've been running & biking long distances the past two weeks, but I'm REALLY hesitant about the swimming 1/4-1/2 mile in open water thing. Yikes. 

18.  I don't like the color pink. 

19. I usually don't wear makeup except for mascara. 

20. I don't like or drink beer. 

21. I could eat candy ALL day. 

22. I'm really impatient. 

23. When Chase & I first got married, I made breakfast ((bacon, eggs & toast)) for him almost every morning and then fell asleep on the couch until class. We had a LOT of bacon that semester. 

24. I have lopsided dimples. One under my left eye & one on the right side in the "normal" dimple spot.

Feeling enlightened?? HA! ;)

**Stay tuned for an Oh, Sweet Joy! Giveaway to celebrate the big 2-4! You'll soon have a chance to enter for your chance to win one of these pretties!**



  1. Iceland is in my top 5 places to visit right now. Who doesn't want to see a puffin?!

    Happy birthday - sorta wish I had gotten to meet you through Jessica, then I wouldn't be such a creeper - we'd be "real life" friends. Happy 24th anyways! You deserve it! <----JUST JOKING OBVIOUSLY

  2. I hope that you have a GREAT birthday and that you had a great weekend celebrating...CAN'T wait to try to win the tote!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday!! 24 has been a great year for me, I hope it is for you as well!

  4. I left a really long comment here a little while ago, but my internet went berserk just as I hit post. Let's try this again. *ahem*

    Happy happy birthday KIM!!! So thankful I get to call you friend and so so excited to hug your sweet self in TEN days!!! Maybe if you ask real nice, I'll sing the Mexican birthday song to you. ;)

    I was nodding "yes" to almost all of your things. I totally am right there with you with the "you deserve it" comment. Um, no, I don't deserve anything, actually.

    Also, I too love DP & Ray. feel super blessed by my shop and want to get my nose pierced. (hm, maybe we should have a little adventure in AZ???)

    Have a fabulous day, friend!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Have a beautiful day =)

  6. happy, happy birthday, kim! hope your day is just fabulous. :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a blessed day!

  8. So fun! I'm so glad you said that about the phrase "you deserve it" or "well, I deserve it." I hear that and my blood boils inside... Sigh, I won't get on my soap box either. ;)



  9. happy birthday! have a great day!

  10. this was probably one of my favorite posts yet!!! i'm with you on the candy and painting nails often. i think i might even push it to 3x a week. might have to pack the nailpolish and the candy for CE. ;)

    happy birthday, sweet friend!! you deserve all this and more...hehe, jk ;) i mean you do...but you know what i mean. HAH - love ya!

  11. Happy Birthday! I am so with you on 20 and 21. As for traveling, I've been all over Europe and parts of Africa but I would really love to make it over to New Zealand one of these days :)

  12. very happy of happy birthday's to you! :)

  13. I could eat candy all day too!! Also I am super inpatient and I really want a nose ring! I'm just afraid of the pain. I's in your nose. That just sounds a little painful!
    {I did a little shout out to you on my blog today!! :)}

  14. Happy Birthday!
    I wish I could paint my nails but they chip so badly!
    And I think it is so sweet you cooked a full breakfast when you were first married!

  15. happy birthday love!! you should be receiving something in the mail from me.... this week! ;) mmm i LOVE swedish fish, like a lot, it's my fave candy!! and that is soo amazing you don't even use patterns, seriously girl, you rock! hope you have a fab day!!

  16. happy birtday!! so glad i found you :) love your blog and your shop! i hope you have an amazing day!!!!

  17. Happy Birthday! You're adorable! These facts were so fun to read :) Hope your day if full of birthday happiness!

  18. Happy Birthday, sweetie! Hope its' a fantastic day!

  19. Ok, A.) You are only 24?!? I mean, you LOOK super young, but since you are so awesomely driven and talented, I thought you were older for some reason. You are smart and crafty beyond your years... while looking young and lovely! AND you are employed by Anthro?! *dies* (color me jealous!!)

    B.) I TOTALLY want to go to Iceland too! I assume you've seen this? Oy!! So much awesomeness!

    C.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I so so so enjoy reading your blog and am totally stoked that you have been so successful! Keep up the great work, and have an incredible day!!


  20. Happy Birthday, Kim! Thanks for sharing 24 things :)

  21. A very happy birthday, and what a wonderful post! Hope you're indulging in bacon and Swedish fish today!

  22. Happy birthday! It appears we are music twins. Have you listened to Fleet Foxes? If not, definitely give them a try.

  23. Aw I love getting to know you!! Thanks for sharing with us. And that picture with your cousin makes you look like the FUNNEST person ever. I would love to be your friend IRL! And I am really hopin that I can win the fab bag on your giveaway post. Happy birthday darling :)

  24. Happy birthday!! So fun to read all the random facts about you girl!

  25. Happy Birthday! What a fun list!

  26. you drink Dr. Pepper every day and only wear mascara?! SOULMATES.

  27. definitely right there with ya on the patterns. don't understand them. don't care to understand them!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, friend!!

  28. This was so fun! Thanks for sharing :-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  29. Happy Birthday Kim!!! I hope you're having an awesome birthday!! I love to travel too! I've just been through Mexico, Canada and parts of Europe. I really want to go to Australia/New Zealand. I can't wait to see you soon! :-)

  30. Happy Birthday to you!!

    Um I also love iron and wine and The Avett brothers....pretty sure you got a great mix in a giveaway one time with a little of that on it. ;)

    Also...I've met Bethany Dillon tooo! Twinsees.

  31. happy belated birthday kim! so fun to learn all these details about you. when you come to dallas, instead of getting candy or dessert we should just go buy some candy and eat it at a park or my apartment!

  32. Happy Happy Homie! You are beautiful in your "old" age! ha! Love ya girlie. xo

  33. How fun! Thanks for sharing and Happy belated Birthday.

  34. Happy Birthday! (Although now it's slightly belated...)
    It seems you and I have similar taste in music. (as well as previously having nose piercings)
    I wanted to go to Iron & Wine last year when he came to my city, but it sold out so fast!


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