Saturday, March 26, 2011

saturday snapshot linkup party ((take 3))

Friends, I can't wait to see all the photos linked up this week! 

Last week, was no contest in which one I would pick. Ricci, who is a friend from college, posted this photo and I want to frame it. It's GORGEOUS! It also makes me want to round of my jars and paint them. 


This photo was taken while I was in Africa doing mission work in 2007. I taught all the kids to "Gig 'Em" and jumped in for a photo...see my little white face sticking up in the middle? ;)
Not familiar with Texas A&M lingo/don't know what Gig 'Em means? Click here. 

Before you link up, please read these rules. 
1. You must link up to a specific post, not just your blog.
2. You may not link up to a photo in your etsy shop.
3. You may not link up to a photo on your flickr account, it MUST be a blog post.
4. That specific post must be from today, not a random post from a few weeks ago. 
5. You must link back to this blog and/or post somewhere on your post.

Now, with that stuff outta the way, Link up & have FUN! I can't wait to see this week's posts. 



  1. love this photo! it took me a second to find you! ; )

  2. WHOOP for the bottom photo! Love it!

  3. i love that photo of you in africa - and i love even more that you taught them 'gig 'em'. i bet it was hilarious and so cute!

  4. I've always sad Gag Em'! But that's cuz it's Wreck Em' where I'm from!

  5. hahha i seeeeee you! thanks for letting me link up! :)

  6. yay for saturdays! :) hope you're having a good one!

  7. I'm so glad I discovered your link parties, and I love your blog! Thanks for the photo fun today, and I hope you have a great night!


  8. I just found your blog, did your Saturday Snapshot party and then bought myself a headband! Haha...I'm excited to get it! Thanks! xo Happy weekend.

  9. Cute! Love the gig 'em!! I'm a Texas gal myself & my dad has high hopes that my son will attend aTm someday. Happy Saturday!

    Ps. I linked up too, come say hello! Http://

  10. It is beyond 110% awesome that you taught them gig em. Seriously. I LOVE it!!! I'm not an Aggie, but consider myself an honorary one for as much time as I spent in College Station. YAY!!!


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