Saturday, March 5, 2011

((saturday snapshot))

I think this will be a fun weekly let's say next week, we'll do a link up!

Get your photos & posts ready and do a saturday snapshot post to join in on the fun. Every week I'll pick a favorite or two & feature them the following week. :)

Chase took this while we were in Sri Lanka. Buddhists stop at temples to pray before a day of travel, so when our driver stopped to pray, he got me this lotus flower. Such a charmer ;)



  1. What a stunningly gorgeous Lotus flower & sweet travel custom to share with us. Love Posie

  2. I was just going to ask you if I could start doing these Saturday morning posts, so this is perfect!!

    And lovely photo Mr. Chase captured :) Happy Saturday, Friend!

  3. Sounds like a really fun idea! I will definitely do this and link up. Love your photo.

  4. gorgeous flower!! loving this series, girl :)

  5. what a sweet boy! sweet boys with pretty flowers are the bestest!

  6. So pretty!

    I absolutely L-O-V-E your blog and designs.. gorgeous and inspiring work for sure. I went to high school with Chase and really love the photography he is doing, and then came upon your blog.. Not only are y'all both beautiful, but talented too!

    Thanks so much for sharing & I'll definitely keep reading!

    You have inspired me.



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