Friday, April 22, 2011

favorite things friday ((and some housekeeping))

There isn't much of a theme here today...except for simply things that are making me happy//keeping me sane this week.

1. Friday Night Lights - Addicted? Yep. I held out for so long...but here we are on season two. Don't tell Chase, but I might have a crush on Matt Saracen ((Yes I just linked to a fictional character on wikipedia)). I won't tell you who Ari has a crush on. I don't have her permission ;) Thank you, netflix, for unlimited night time entertainment when my brain won't stop reeling. 

2. Pretty blue shirt dress from anthro. I got it for a killer price yesterday. Pair it with cowboy boots? Um....YES!

3. I've worn this necklace ((with a mustard butterfly)) ALL week. It's so spring-y and cute! I want to do a look-book soon with how to style some of my products. Someone want to give me some of their time? ha. 

4.  The Well ((our church plant)). When I'm overwhelmed and stressed to the max, I simply remind myself of why we're here in the first place. Full site coming soon, but check out what we're doing here in Boulder by clicking here


A few housekeeping items:

 *SALE in the shop today! Use code TWENTY for 20% off your entire purchase, today only! Enjoy :)

*CALL FOR GUEST BLOGGERS: I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment and my blog is slacking. I will be setting up a few guest bloggers in the next few weeks so that even while I'm a busy bee, you still have some fun inspiration and new things to read. Email me if you're interested!

*My turnaround time has extended. I will STILL try my absolute hardest to get it out sooner than 7-10 business days, but it's a start at saving my sanity. :)



  1. just stopping by to say hello :) seeing what's up in your neck of the woods! a church plant?! how exciting! happy easter, friend! xo

  2. love this post :) have a great day!

  3. your sale just made my friday very happy indeed! (3 rosette headbands, YAY!) happy Easter dear friend!

  4. just checked out your church plant website - we have friends who started a church plant and it was definitely a big process. but it is amazing to see what it has turned into! all the best - Happy Easter!

  5. friday night lights is a great show. i am convinced it is one of the best dramas ever written. i got sucked into it on netflix too and can't wait for the 5th and final season to air soon!

    a great church is truly a blessing! happy easter weekend!

  6. TIM RIGGINS!!!!!!!!!! Secret's out :)

  7. Love that necklace! I may have to start watching Friday Night Lights, TV in Germany sucks! I need a new show on those nights I just need to chill out! If I think of something cute for a guest post, I'll send you an email! :)

  8. I love that shirtdress-how darling! Still trying to get John to watch Friday Night Lights-as a Texan who grew up with football as a religion, we'll see how it goes!

    Happy Easter!

  9. I can't get enough of Matt Saracen either. And I have that blue dress in my anthro cart, just need to pull the trigger.

  10. Hi and happy (good) Friday. I'm hoping that this Easter weekend will renew you and give you some time to yourself!

    and I've been meaning to watch Friday Night Lights-- people have been telling me FOREVER that it's awesome. :) Netflix late nights are the best.

  11. p.s. lookbooks rock my world right now.

  12. As I've mentioned to you on Twitter, FNL is one of my favorite shows. And I'm definitely interested in being a guest blogger!

  13. um i love that dress ESPECIALLY with cowboy boots! we better see an outfit post. ;)

  14. Love that shirt from anthro -And that necklace is adorable!

    You totally deserve a break and I'm glad you're taking it easy a little - can't wait to see the guest posts :)


  15. OHMAGOSH Matty! So, so in love! I actually tried to watch The Doctors show that came on ABC because the-real-human-behind-Matt-Saracen was in it. I just wanted more of him and was hoping he would bring it through his other characters. He sorta did, but the show got canceled because it was terrible. Not like FNL. It was the best show EVER and I cried on every. Single. Episode. So sad it's over now:(


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